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Great Tips for Online Marketing on a Tight Budget

Online Business Marketing

What is the world wide web, in marketing terms, it is pure heaven with endless limits. Creating and managing your online presence has never been easier or more practical than it is right now. New companies are always popping up and making their presence known to anybody who is in their niche market. Having said that however, sustaining your online business and reputation is still easier said than done.

The internet is full of powerful and useful information right at the fingertips of your potential customers. Therefore the trick has to be, how to get your products or services directly in front of your customers and clients. Over the years the landscape for marketing has changed considerably and keeping up with those changes can be hard work, combine that with the economic melt down we have all had over the last few years. It has been a tight budget for every body and one area that normally see’s the brunt of cut backs is marketing. Have you noticed how even TV commercials are looking cheaper and shorter. Therefore we have put together several great little Marketing tips that we can all use no matter how tight the budget is.

dart-iconKnow Your Consumers and Market
You can spend weeks and days planning out your online marketing strategy, but all of that will be a waste of time if you do not know or understand your direct market audience. Before you even consider spending a penny on marketing, you plans must clearly define who your audience is and their locations. As you have reached this point, you will obviously know your product and be preparing to tell the world. As you know your product, you should be in a position to work out your market group without the cost of a fancy marketing firm. A few basic statements to keep in mind follow:

Knowing Which Bowl Your Target Audience Is InWho will be most interested in your product?
What is their age group?
Men or women?
Children or Adults?
What are your customer’s interests?
What is their likely financial situation?

Once you have a complete understanding of your market audience and their profile, you are in a far better place to determine how and where to communicate with the maximum response. Whilst it may take some time to truly understand exactly who your market audience are and how to communicate correctly. By understanding the above points, you will have hopefully saved yourself a nice little budget and perhaps even avoided making some serious marketing mistakes.

dart-iconSetting Goals and Moving The posts
When you set out on your marketing plan, it is important that you understand exactly what you want each section of the strategy to gain. Each aspect of the plan should cover different results and resources. Whilst your primary objective may be to increase revenue, the basic fact is through your marketing that will be the last factor to analyse, simply because in order to get to that point, you have to cover the following:

Plan Your Marketing GoalsIncrease awareness.
Increase brand awareness
Raise your business profile.
Raise your public profile.
Promote the product.

As you can see any marketing plan should have multiple goals, with methods in place to measure the results. Once you believe you have reached one goal, you should always look for and set new goals to ensure that the company is able to be successful, hence the goal posts are always moving.

dart-iconSet a Marketing budget.
Set a Marketing budgetWe have all heard the old saying before, “Set a budget and stick to it“. Having now reviewed both your consumer group and your marketing goals, you are in the position to start making positive decisions about “How to market” and setting your budget accordingly. Whilst planning your budget, it is good to know that perhaps your online marketing could be the one of the cheaper methods if carried out correctly and you are able to reach that target audience. There are now so many online marketing platforms at your disposal, it is perhaps more of a question of choosing the right one for you. You may also find that many of these platforms are also free, but always keep in mind, the free systems might not always be the best for your plans. Carry out some research and determine the best suited for your product and be prepared to spend some money to get the results you require.

dart-iconBranding your business.
We all know that branding your business and making it stand out from the competition is hard enough, but then throw the internet into the mix and without a doubt its has just become harder still. There are thousands of companies out there all trying to do the same thing. The question is what is it about your brand or business that is different, what makes your brand unforgettable. At this point, it has to be time to go right back to the basics, starting Business Brandingwith your main line of contact with potential customers, your website. Does your website and domain name truly reflect your brand and product. Where possible a domain name should be the companies name, due to the domain names markets, it might even be worth considering changing your business name to reduce the competition and therefore any confusion. A perfect example of this issue has recently been highlight by, they had no idea there was a spelling issue with the domain name and found their customers were in fact going to’s web site. They had to spend thousands in educating their potential customers, (although they soon turned that around and made a fortune from the meerkats). Purchasing your domain name does have a slight fee attached, but even the smallest of budgets can cover that cost, especially if you ask and shop around.

Now that you have your website/domain, it is obviously up to you how your customer view your brand. Having the professional website, is simply the beginning. Once you have the brand designed through your website it is important to then follow that design/brand through with any other marketing or branding that you do. Regardless whether you use social media or printed marketing methods, you want to be sure that when customers view your brand, they know exactly where they are and if they are in the right place. Once you have your brand identity established you are able to then focus on conecting with customers/clients, paying particular attention to take the time to interact with potential customers and build relationships with them. Whilst building relationships with customers is generally free from a marketing perspective, it does however have the man hours required to build that process well, which will be drastically reduced when you’ve established your brand.

dart-iconSearch engine optimization, (SEO).
Reality Of A Good and A Bad SEO ConsultantIn this day and age, anybody in business should know the basics behind how a search query works and how to obtain from a search engine. But it is time to work out how to get your business ranking well in the results page, so that your company is visible to your customers. The basic art is to make your website and the content as unique and appealing to the search engines as possible, use the correct keywords that your customers are using, customizing your headlines and content to suit your customers.

SEO is without a doubt a complicated and pretty time consuming process, but in order for your site to be a success this time will be well rewarded with an increased traffic flow to your site. If time is not one your side here, you should consider breaking loose a little more of that budget and hire the right people to do the research for you.

dart-iconBlogging Content.
Quality Content ControlWebsites are no longer simply about having an online presence as much as they are now building into having an online community and activity. Behind us are the days of simply adding your latest products and showing them off. Search engines are now looking for content alongside your products and many large brands have taken to using blogging systems to do this. By having blog style content within your website you are increasing your chances of being picked out by the search engines for relevant and up to date content. Blogging in its most basic form is “free” and can be added onto most websites. Blogging will enable you build on your leads and links into your site. However there are some basic rules to follow with blogging, the most important of which has to be to add content that is original and directly connected to your products/brand. Don’t just blog to add content to your site as the search engine will notice any lack of quality. Always ensure that your content is quality rich and will engage with your customers and readers.

dart-iconSocial media, (SMM).
Perhaps one the hardest marketing area’s to understand, let alone get it working for you. We all know that Social Media is exactly what it says on the tin, “A Social Network“. Perhaps fair to say, we all have a personal social media presence online and perhaps even have a strong following of friends and family. However using Social Media for a business, changes the rules a great deal and this is where businesses go wrong on a daily if not an hourly basis. The art of engaging your “Customers” in social media is more complex and perhaps more importantly time consuming during the early days. People within social media, do not generally follow a company unless they have good reason to do so, it is therefore important that you provide that reason to them, whilst also keeping a social marketing spin on your content. SMM is not all about the business, it is more about making the business social friendly.

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.
Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide…

Search Engine Optimization Basics...

Search Engine Optimization Basics…

Most of us will know by now that SEO is in fact a basic acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” or even “Search Engine Optimizer”. All businesses will at some point consider the option of hiring and SEO guru, however most do not realize, just how BIG the decision is. The simple fact is that whilst any true SEO guru will in fact improve your site and save you time, there is also that risk the SEO could in fact damage your site and perhaps more seriously your reputation.

A recent comment from our friends over at Media Wilde, highlights this:

SEO is one of those amazing concepts and chalked full of valuable data, that if you don’t understand it or find it the least bit interesting, it will lose you, and that can be detrimental to your business if you are web based.
Darby GatesMedia Wilde

Generally most SEO consultants will offer other services to help boost your site performance and reputation.

  • Analysis of your site content or structure.
  • Technically advanced advice on website development, (normally in a report format).
  • Site and Online Content development plans
  • Structured Management of online business development campaigns
  • In-depth Keyword research
  • SEO training for your business or staff
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies.
  • As a base line for this article, we are going to use the basic rules and ethics of Google.

    At this point it is important to understand that all Google search results are organic based, by this we mean that Google do not accept any payments in order to increase your page presence or ranking withing within their results feeds. The results shown in searches are noturally producted using their algorithm systems. It does not cost anything to to appear within Google’s results pages, Google even provide all site owners with a number of free SEO tools including Webmaster Tools, Official Webmaster Blog and Google’s own discussion forum, (although the tools are free, you will need a Google account to use some of them). Googe and SEOThese tools are all designed to enable SEO to become a more simplified method of marketing for the basic business owner. So we have pointed out that all Google search results are placed free of charge, and you are perhaps thinking, “but that is not true“, the fact is, it is true, Google only accept payment for adverts to be placed near search results under the “Sponsored Links” banner. Whilst the premise is search based and results driven any company can use various Google systems such PPC in order to have their “Advert” placed near the search results.

    As we mentioned, most business owners at some point or another look at the option of out sourcing SEO or attempting to do their own SEO work. Either of which is perfectly viable and logical. However before you even start playing around in sea of SEO rules, regulations and even tools, we highly recommend that you do some research first to avoid causing more damage than good. As we are using as the guide for learning SEO tactics and rules, what better place to start than within Google’s own content.

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Google 101: How Google crawls, indexes and serves the web.
  • Before you embark on your new SEO marketing adventure, try to review the above several time to ensure that you understand it and it’s content. By this time you should be in a far better position to decide if you can do this yourself and more importantly you have to time to do it correctly, or if perhaps hiring an SEO consultant is the preferred route for your business. Regardless of the route you take, in order to gain the maximum leverage when undertaking this project it is also worth considering a site re-design or re-launch. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to have your SEO plan in place prior to any launch, therefore working and building on a good solid SEO foundation, if you are employing an SEO consultant, they can work on a practical search engine structure with you. Most SEO consultants will consider working on existing sites on the basis they have something to build on.

    If you have opted for the later option and wish to sub-contract your SEO work out, again, you should do some research and use a trusted SEO consultant.

    Useful questions to ask an SEO include:Reality Of A Good and A Bad SEO Consultant

  • Do you have examples of your previous work you can show me and can you share any success stories?
  • How often do you check Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  • What online marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business?
  • What kind of results can we expect to see, and in what timeframe?
  • How do you measure the success of your SEO plans?
  • What do you know about my industry?
  • What experience do you have in my country/city?
  • What’s your experience developing international sites?
  • What do you consider your most important SEO techniques?
  • How long have you been in SEO business?
  • How can I expect to communicate with you?
  • How often will you be providing reports back to us detailing the results and future plans?
  • Will you warn us in advance if changes are needed to our site?
  • Whilst SEO consultants will provide great valuable services to their clients, just like any other other industry the unethical SEO consultants have given the industry a bad reputation due to their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to manipulate the search engine results. Methods that basically violate the guidelines of most Search Engine systems and generally result in a negative footprint for your sites ranking in the search engines.

    A few points to consider:
    Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue.
    Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

    Dear Sirs
    Your website: http://www.?????????????????.com/ is missing out on at least 300 visitors per day. I came to this page via Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the front page of search results. I have found a website which offers to dramatically increase your traffic to your site: http://??????????.com/web-traffic/. I managed to get over 10,000 visitors per month using their services, you could also get lot more targeted visitors than you have now. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care.

    The unforgivable promise “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Search Engines“.
    No matter how good the SEO consultant is with his sales patter, beware of SEOs that promise or guarantee rankings, claiming to have a “special relationship” with search engine companies, or claim to have a “priority submit” system with search engine companies. There is no priority submit for search engines. In fact, the only way to submit a site to most search engine sites is directly through their public Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do both of these yourself at no cost whatsoever.

    Secretive Sales Banter:
    Just like anything technical, it can become a minefield of terminology, that you simple just don’t understand. Never be afraid to ask question for an complete explanation. Keep asking until you are clear in your own mind that your SEO is using ethical methods. Some SEO’s have been known to create deceptive or misleading content on behalf of their customers, with things such as “doorway page” or “throwaway” domains, both of these alone could result in your site being completely removed search engine index’s. As your SEO consultant is representing your company, it is your responsibility to ensure they are using good codes of practice. Most SEO consultants will require access to your server through basic FTP, this alone is placing a great deal of trust in them. We would advise that you request a weekly diary in advance noting any changes they will be making to your server files and your site.

    SEO’s with Linking Power.
    Many SEO’s have been know to talk of the power of online marketing through “free-for-all” linking systems. Linking sites together through popular link sharing systems and schemes or perhaps submitting your site to thousands of search engines. Generally these are seen as pretty pointless exercises that have very little if any affect on the search engine results with the major search engines. These methods are seen as nothing more than money pits, you spend for little results.

    Careful Consideration
    Whilst you are considering to use any SEO consultant, we would advise you to do some basic industry research. Any basic search through the internet will yield results from various resources. We would advise perhaps check out the search engine sites and their support pages first, this way you know the information is accurate and to the point. Whilst you are doing your research, without a doubt you will find cautionary results that are being highlighted by the media. These are generally caused when SEO’s have used unethical business practices within the SEO industry. Do your research and Be careful.

    Watch the Money Pot and know where your budget is being spent.
    It is important to also understand where your money is going and to ensure it is simply being spent on “SEO Marketing” and not on “Company Advertising”.
    These are not one and the same thing, as so many companies believe. Some search engine systems, combine various advertising promotions such “Pay Per Click” or “Pay For Inclusion”. It is important that you know the difference between these two systems. Whilst it is all good that your new SEO consultant can show your “Advert” on page one of bing. However are you sure that the results content you are seeing is in fact honest SEO marketing and not a simple paid for advert. In basic, the simple method to spot the difference would simply be the fact your “Advert” would not be listed in the search results section of the web page, it might be listed to the right of the results or perhaps even as a banner on the page. This is a well known tactic of SEO consultants in fooling you that you are getting good SEO results, however it is in fact an illusion. Remember you can always check your results on your own computers at any time.

    Shadow Domains
    Another well known code of practice with some SEO consultants would be to create “Shadow” domains that are claimed to funnel users to the site of the SEO choosing using deceptive redirect links. Generally these shadow domains will be owned and controlled by the SEO, who will be claiming to be working on your behalf. Baring in mind that business relationships do not always run smooth and can sometimes work out badly. Should this happen with your SEO consultant, the question is, what will happen to that shadow domain, in basic, the SEO will probably point the links to their other clients or perhaps worse for you to your competition. These sites are owned by the SEO and there will be nothing you can do about it. Should you at any time hear the term “shadow domains” or even the reference to that style of system, we advise you to say no thanks.

    Doorway Pages
    Another known illicit practice would be to place “doorway” pages fully loaded with various keywords on their client’s site. Generally the SEO implies that this will make the page more relevant for the search engine results page. The fact is, this practice is inherently false, individual pages are relevant to their core subject and not for a wide range of keywords. SEO consultants have also been known to add links to their other clients within the pages of your doorway pages. Doorway pages that are overloaded with keywords will inevitable drain the popularity of the links.

    SEO warning signs.
    What should you be looking out for?
    The above list is by no means an in-depth view of things to look out for, these are simply some of the basics and perhaps more common. The bottom line, is simply trust your instinct and always be a position to walk away at any time.

  • owns or offers shadow domains
  • uses doorway pages to promote your business or other clients
  • offers to sell you keywords
  • can not or does not distinguish between true search results and adverts that appear on search results pages
  • promises or guarantees high ranking in search results
  • operates with various business names or has falsified WHOIS info
  • has had domains removed from Google’s index
  • is not itself listed in Google
  • SHould you find yourself in the position where you feel any SEO consultant has mislead you, you should make it your responsability to report it. Most countries have systems in place to protect businesses and consumers from such activities, but if they are unaware of it they can not respond.

    You can use this link to report it online

    Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

    Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

    It appears no matter where we look or even try to hid, Social Media is the big trend and looks to be so for quite some time to come yet. The question is are your Social Media Marketing Foundations set correctly.

    Google has now been trying its hat into the Social Media world for a while now, but it appears that with Google+ they may have finally cracked it. Lets have a quick look under the hood of Google+ and see what there is that you can build into your Marketing plans for the future of 2013.

    Google+, the undated and shiny SM platform.
    Obviously the best place to start would be to look at basic profile and feed page for the Google+ account holder.
    Although the layout may appear a little complicated, like any other system once you get used to moving around it, it is just like the rest of them. Never be put of by something that might look complicated or new, in the Modern Marketing World, we have to look at new concepts and ideas to ensure we keep ahead of the latest trends. The general concept behind Google+ is perhaps a mix up of all the rest, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and perhaps even Youtube to name a few. When the powers at be from Google launched Google+ it appears their primary aim was place a foothold in the areas that the likes of Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even Twitter and Quora has missed out on and move the concept of Social Media forward.

    Google+ Search Engine Optimization
    As we all know, Google are the big boys when it comes down to our Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), would that therefore note mean that having your Social Media connected directly in to Google would have a positive effect on your SEO rankings. As your can expect, Google took this into account when they launched Google+ and is constantly making changes to their algorithms in order to incorporate Google+ profiles and content.

  • Having trimmed the analytic’s, you have more information on your +1’d connections and how they have shared your content in Google+
  • Google adds “Authorship” tags to syndicated posts and allows users to follow specific authors and list your content for their +1’s. (author tagging)
  • Meaning quite simply that if you want to be taken serious in your Social Media and Marketing plans, you need to have a Google+ profile.

    Google+ Apps
    Just like any other online marketing platform, Google is spending a vast budget on the future of Google+ and Profiles to be built into their Google apps for the mobile market. Google knows that the future is in the mobile apps market and are building on their platform to incorporate the functionality.

    Google+ Bring Google Rebranding
    We all know how Google likes to purchase smaller up and coming trending companies in order to build into the Google brand. It appears however that Google are now going one step further and actually re-branding products within the Google portfolio to actually be re-branded into the Google+ model/brand.

    All the risks for Google???
    Obviously Google is placing a lot eggs in the basket of Google+, especially following the issues raised when the launched Google Wave and were seriously burned when further issues of security and privacy problems. It became very apparent quickly the Google Wave was not what we were expecting turned out to be a flop in the Google branding history.

    But this raises questions:

  • Is or will Google+ be going the same way???
  • Why should you trust Google+???
  • Is Google+ just another “Time Warp” factor to add into the equation???
    The point here is quite simple, regardless of what we think of Google and it’s history in the Social Media market, it now has its foothold within the SM market since the launch of Google+ and appears to currently still be a new shiny toy for those who need to be in the know to play around with and help Google beta test. We all know that Google+ has now been playing around with their platform for the last few years in order to improve, but less know facts fact are that various functionality feature within the brand have already gone the way of Google Wave. Brands such as Plurk, Diaspora and Referral Key have already gone that way and turned out to be a flop yet again. Is this a factor we need to keep in mind when making a choice with Google+???

    Whilst Google+ may now have that foothold in the Social Media market, it still appears to have creases within its systems that might need a little more attention, whilst we put aside their previous issues, breaches and dead products. We are building a basic SM platform within their group of products simply as a testing bed and planning to see where it goes over the coming months. Being perhaps a little more stable and widely used now, we think it time for us to test the waters and see where it takes us.

    Why not follow us over the coming months on our journey with Google+ and looking at all the Tips and Tricks we learn and share along the way. Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side of Google+ with any luck.

    If you have not done it already, Register Now for our Free Newsletter through the banner at the bottom of this page.

    SEO Inforgraphic To Get A Head Start On 2013

    Basic SEO Infographic For 2013

    A simple and basic overview of what has been in SEO, what has stayed and and insight into what is coming.
    Click Image To Enlarge
    Basic SEO Infographic For 2013

    SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

    SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

    SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

    No matter, where your business is or what business market you are in or even how big your business is, we all know that as business owners and marketeers that is a certain amount of SEO knowledge required just to get your online business seen.

    Every year the art of SEO somehow changes, the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo all change the manner in which their service works and as a Business owner it is up to us to try and keep up with these changes. But if you are new to the idea of doing your own SEO marketing there are a few basic rules and tip that you should follow. These basic rules have remained fairly consistent through out the years. Once you have implemented these key point as your foundation for SEO marketing, you are ready to really start putting any new building blocks into place. Therefore creating a easy to follow and far more rewarding Marketing strategy.

    SEO Search IconTag and Title Optimisation
    Googe and SEO
    One of perhaps the most important habits you should really get into from the word go, is to ensure that all your page titles, Urls are Keyword Optimized. We know it all sounds technical and like hard work, but in fact it is not as complicated as it sounds. The basic premise is easy to follow. When creating your page titles, your website URLs and even your content, be sure you use plenty of keywords, words that simply confirm what the page content is or what viewers can expect to find. As search engine algorithms scan your page, they will confirm if the page title, keywords and content all match up. A simple example of this might be you have a website based on dog training, you firstly want the the main URL to reflect the sites content, then you have the page titles and URLs, these should reflect the content of the relevant page, (example, Dog Training will contain keywords relevant to training a dog), finally we have the page content itself, the content should contain as many of your keywords as possible and perhaps even as many times as possible in a constructive manner.
    By following the simple path laid out above the search engine algorithms will quickly establish the connections between each function and index your site and pages far better. The main key factor that most website miss here, is to simply create the connection between all the functions.

    SEO Search IconContent Is King
    Website Content Really Is King
    Perhaps one of the most heard of and known terms when it comes down to website Content, (this should be tattooed to every computer in the office), but so many sites seem to miss the main point with their content. Many site owners design their site from their own perspective with content informing the customer in what they “think” their customers want to see or read. However the key to actually mastering this technique is to actually design and build your content from the customers/clients perspective. Create your content as if you are the customer, your content needs to be what they want and not what you want. If your content is centered around what you thing they want, you will instantly loose your engagement factor, customers will leave and go somewhere else.
    Good solid content will impact time-on-site, conversion and SEO (not forgetting engaging content is more likely to be shared and linked to).
    For a small business, good content will also create a better search engine footprint, as your links are used more often the search engines will register this, therefore creating a larger onsite and offsite footprint.

    SEO Search IconEarning Good Content Backlinks
    Online Website Backlinking
    One of the most frequently asked question we hear is quite simply, What is a backlink and Why does my site need them???.

    Our response, It is simply online word of mouth recommendations.
    Most site owners seem to be under the impression that online marketing and SEO management is all focused around them telling their customers and clients about their website. Now whilst telling the world about your online business is perfect and the right thing to do, would your task of promoting your businesses be far easier if you could get others to do it for you, get other online systems to recommend your site and promote/advertise links back to your site. As long as your site remains constant and of good quality there are plenty of systems you can take advantage of. With an estimated 70% of your search engine traffic coming from backlinks, this is a method you do not want to miss.

    Now comes the statement we simply HATE TO HEAR from business owner “Where can we buy some???”

    Honestly, can you imagine the public outcry if you tried to bride the local business community to recommend your business. Buying backlinks is no different, search engines are already clued up to these systems and the effect will impact on your search results in the means of a bad footprint.

    Personally, I would much rather have 10 honest recommendations from various good sources than have 100 fake recommendations from Sammy Junior the second hand car sales man around the corner.

    Gaining good quality backlings is actually fairly natural and easy as your site becomes established, through your quality content and engagement, your will receive backlinks automatically without even knowing it happening most of the time. As a small business, you need to earn these links and SEO systems consider good content, humour, information, training resources and politics are acceptable methods to gaining backlinks.

    SEO Search IconKnowledge of Your Backlinking Profile

    Over the recent years there has been a lot of discussion with regard to anchor text in various search engine algorithms, yet currently there appears to be little conclusive support to confirm that anchor text is a dead buried SEO method.
    Small businesses really need to know any understand their backlinking profiles, backlinking that appears to have no branding and no substance is see by many search engines as either poor quality or simply manipulated links, (purchased) and will therefore have negatives effects on your SEO marketing strategy.
    Commonly seen as positive backlinking methods include receiving backlinks through press releases and within discussion forums, these methods have a positive effect and leave a good clean healthy footprint. Whilst many business owners, especially small business do not like the idea of big brand marketing and certainly seem to try to avoid being compared online with the big brand names. We actually recommend you do encourage backlinks that do compare you with brand names, search engine algorithms actually see this as a positive factor within their results and therefore increase your footprint.

    SEO Search IconSEO Community Building

    Generally viewed by many as Link Baiting and a highly over used system. Google and other search engine systems actually consider it an acceptable method of SEO marketing, simply because the activity in itself is aimed directly at the end user with an intentionally positive outcome.
    There are simply plenty of Link Baiting ideas that you can use to your advantage, the general concept is to promote an activity or event that your community will also want to share and promote. The key factor obviously is to ensure your “Baited” link is shared and promoted in an organic and perfectly natural manner. It obviously goes without saying the key element here has to be the community spirit, you need to have the positive online community spirit to get the link shared and promoted. Without that spirit, the “Baited” link is going to have no impact.
    Because you have a positive community spirit within your online presence, you should receive some highly distinguished content marketing, that no SEO Guru could ever provide. Why, because it is truly organic, natural and almost impossible to manipulate with a positive outcome.

    SEO Search IconSEO Quality or SEO Quantity???

    We have all been there, we have all seen it. No matter of our business background or experiences, there is a 99.9% chance that have received or seen the e-mail promotions offering the world when it comes to inexpensive SEO links. Lets make this point clear, whilst your wallet may think “fantastic, link or content building on the cheap”, your online SEO reputation will take a beating from the search engine systems. Therefore was the investment you just made actually so cheap.
    Again we come to to Content is King and Quality is Queen. SEO systems such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc, all want to encourage positive end users experiences, but putting your content and quality on autopilot is not going create the required kind of environment. True quality user experiences can only be obtained through natural and organic content. Automation will not work in the world of SEO Marketing.
    By keeping the content and quality of a high standard, your SEO results will be far better. It takes longer to perhaps build the results but any good repution requires effort and perhaps a little hard work, but “It will pay off in the long run”.

    As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

    Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂