SEO Inforgraphic To Get A Head Start On 2013

Basic SEO Infographic For 2013

A simple and basic overview of what has been in SEO, what has stayed and and insight into what is coming.
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Basic SEO Infographic For 2013

12 Responses to SEO Inforgraphic To Get A Head Start On 2013

  1. Great graphic and looks like some cool things about to happen. I couldn’t really see the details but the “voice” caught my eye.

  2. Leisa Terry Watkins via Facebook says:

    i like the user-friendliness that we are headed for.

  3. Darby Gates via Facebook says:

    Great job, Allan!

  4. Shel Welker via Facebook says:

    Looking forward to the changes!

  5. Still trying to understand all this, book marking so I can read again. Thanks Modern Marketing World for keeping us up to date.

  6. Chris Bayes says:

    This is one of the better infographics on SEO I have seen. Really good information in short, concise pieces that are easy to understand and digest. Well done and thanks.

  7. Loved this infographic. Left a comment on the blog page too.

  8. Lisa Soesbe via Facebook says:

    Thanks for the great infographic!

  9. Thanks for the comments guys-infographics can be such fun-what do you prefer-typed guides or infographics-

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