Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

Social Networking Infographic

Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

You might have heard of Twitter and Facebook, but what about Foursquare? And LinkedIn? There are more and more social networks being launched every month, and all of them represent an opportunity for you to connect with existing and potential customers.

This infographic examines how people interact with businesses on four of the key networks; Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn. We found that almost half of all people we spoke to connect with brands on Facebook, and that a quarter do so on Twitter. Want to know about the others? See the infographic!

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14 Responses to Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

  1. I imagine these stats are about the same in the US. Thanks for the info and the graphics are great, did you do them?

  2. Hi Connie Williams, hope your okay-the stats for the USA are in fact far higher than UK’s – as for doing the infographic, we always produce our own graphics and content – best way to learn 🙂

  3. There are over 400 that I have seen or heard of.

  4. Shel Welker via Facebook says:

    Great infographic! It’s almost mind-boggling the amount of people that connect via social media!

  5. Darby Gates via Facebook says:

    as Christopher stated, there are well over 400+ social sites that rank somewhere on the board, but the top ones are the producers (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) although there are some fun ones that are not widely used (Digg, Reddit, Yerdle…). Oh, and I am an Inforgraphic JUNKIE!!!

  6. Geneva DeSoto via Facebook says:

    Great Infographic!

  7. De'Borah McCampbell via Facebook says:

    Hello! thanks for keeping me updated!

  8. I didn’t know I was an infographic junkie, I am connected to so many of these, not 400 but I can barely keep up! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I can barely keep up, too!

  10. There are so many, my hands are full with the three I’m using!

  11. Haven’t gotten around to doing Instagram. Maybe someday! 🙂

  12. Since I’v started to use the Iphone 5 I use foursquare quite a bit. LinkedIn I like as a database of people I’ve met. Instagram is cool if you have a spare moment to fiddle with a picture. Great post!

  13. Hey, my name is Katie and I am interning at Heyo, and came across your infographic and would love the chance to feature it in our blog!

    We’ll market it to our folks and get you extra exposure. Of course, we’ll link back to the original infographic and include your author bio. We’re looking for this kind of content to post everyday, especially for small businesses!


    Katie M.


    • Hi katie
      It is great to hear from interested parties from our various blog posts. We would love to hear more about your plans to feature in a blog, please do feel to feature the infograpghic and send us the link so that we can in turn promote your blog site.

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