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How to Use Facebook Messenger for Your Business


Looking for a new way to connect with customers and prospects on Facebook? Have you considered Facebook Messenger? Messenger for business pages makes it easy to offer instant one-on-one customer service, while keeping a record of the conversation. In this article I’ll explain how to use Facebook Messenger with your business page. Why Facebook Messenger [...]

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Facebook Marketing List For Businesses – 2013

So, we have all been there, regardless if we are new to Marketing on Facebook or we are a veteran Pro at Facebook Marketing. The point has to be we all have and need a basic plan to follow, without having a plan or structured theory, your simply paddling in a puddle with no true focus.

Most of us will have done a number of these things already, but it can never do any harm to have a few extra pointers to add to your bow of Marketing skills. Due to being such a big list, there should be something new for everyone. Make your Marketing Efforts in 2013 more powerful on the Facebook Platform.

Start Here, by saving or printing out the PDF list!!!

Configuring The Basics Of Your Fan Page

Merging Your Pages
Did you start out by thinking the best way to market your business was to have several Facebook Fanpages, only to then find in fact several of those pages are in fact either to much to manage or just not attracting the amount of attention you would have liked. You won’t be the first to do it and you won’t be the last.
So you have several pages to manage, but now wish you only had the one, so why not merge all the pages in to one. Facebook will allow you to merge up to six pages that you control. Therefore bringing all of them under one address and combining all the “Likes” etc.
You can now merge these pages through your basic person page settings/admin panel. Be sure to log into your personal page and not your fan/business page.
Simply follow the instructions from Facebook.

Convert That Personal Profile to a Business Page
Once again, this perhaps seemed the logical way for you to start promoting your Business on Facebook, but is it not time now to add the professional touch and extra benefits of a Facebook Business/fan Page. It is just as expensive as your Personal Profile after all.
It really is time to realise that a Business/Fan Page has far more benefits over your profile page. We could start listing and details those benefits, but this will take far to long, perhaps you can simply check out the indepth details here:
What is a Facebook Page?
Why is a Page a better solution than a personal account for businesses, brands and organizations?

But if you would simply just like to get your profile converted into a page, lets get going…
How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?

Upgrading Your Username and Page Name.
Facebook has no real rules concerning the names we use in our accounts and Facebook Url’s. But there are some basic marketing guidelines that will help you gain more attention in your marketing efforts.

It is worth noting at this moment, that these basic rules should really apply to everything you do in business marketing and promoting your business name or even brand.

When creating your page, at some point, (the rules seem to change on this one from location to location), you will find the option in your setting to “Claim your username”. So what is a Facebook username, in basic it is simply terms, it is a Facebook url with your pre-defined Brand/Business/Username attached to the end of it.


Lets face it, your primary goal in marketing is simply to get your business name out there and know to everybody who is a potential customer. Therefore does it not simply make sense to add your most desirable name to the end of your Facebook URL, whilst also making it far easier to remember, when somebody asks you for it. Adding your business name to the URL’s will in fact actually make it far easier for potential customers to find you through search engines and SEO as well.

Create your Custom Facebook URL here: Claim Your Username or Business Page URL on Facebook

The About Us Section As A Tool
In all of the Facebook pages, you will find the option to add your content into the About Us, section. Although it is important to realise the about us is in fact split into two parts. The “About Us” page and the “About Us” section/box. Here we are just adding marketing content to the “About Us” section/box, with the intention of driving customers/traffic to your business/web site.

Whilst many business will add a small paragraph of text describing their business, this in fact is a rather dead end exercise, anybody who is visiting your page should in fact be able to figure out what your business is all about with the various content/posts and visual aids that are built into your page. Therefore would it in fact not make more business sense to actually add the basics to this section, such as Contact Details, Address, Website Url, Open hours etc etc.

“About Us” Page To Brag Your Business Brand
So we covered the simple “About Us” section above, but we we want to go into depth and look at where you you can seriously brag up your business.

This will obviously be within the “About Us” page in your Facebook Page. Within this section/page you can add all the content that suits your needs. But this section has a great twist that most businesses do not realise. These are perhaps the most important sections of your Facebook Business page, this is the simple because of the fact that this page is the main focus for the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Therefore it is worth spending time making sure that you get all of your keywords and information, product details and relevant links within this section.

A great tip here that we like to keep in mind when completing or adding to this page is that not all sections actually make logical sense. For ourselves for example: Qualifications: are not really all that relevant, so as we don’t add qualifications, we have added other details concerning our business, extra links, social network links etc. always be sure to complete all sections available, but if not suitable to your business, use it to add other more logical details.

When users click on the “About” link immediately under that box below your profile photo, they’ll be directed to your About page. This is the page that Google and other search engines will index, so it’s important that you fill it out completely. Include all necessary key words and information, products and relevant links.

Understanding The New Analytics Platform On Pinterest. (Inc Video)

Pinterest Analytics Sheet

Did you know that Pinterest launched new analytics tools recently?

By now we all know that there are a variety of third-party Pinterest metrics providers out there, and all of them have never actually quite hit the mark for any professional business in one way or another. Pinterest has now entering the ball park with its own offering of analytics results. While what Pinterest rolled out recently isn’t really earth-shattering, it’s a start – and we expect there to be even more to come as we progress through 2013.

Here’s a basic step by step guide for how to get and use Pinterest’s new metrics:

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesVerify Your Domain Name

You must verify your website in order to access Pinterest Analytics. There are a couple of ways to do this. You either a) download a file from Pinterest, then upload a file to your web root, or b) add a meta tag to your header HTML code.

Now, by now most of our readers will be aware, that I have no issue with playing around with the required HTML code or files being uploaded via FTP to our servers when it is strictly needed. We are on a self-hosted site with a WordPress back-end CMS. If you have not yet varified your domain name URL with Pinterest check out our Claim Your Pinterest Business Page, for detailed instructions.

However this is perhaps the biggest down fall of not only Pinterest, but also many service providers of free domain hosting services. Many of them do not give customers access right to upload via FTP or any other method to there servers. If you are running a site based on a free hosting service, talk to the hosting company, please don’t waste time searching for the answer, save your time and get the answer directly from the horses mouth as it were. If you have found a way around this, we would love to hear from you in the comments section or via our contact us page.

Varified Pinterest Website Link Ticked

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesCheck Out Your Analytics
Now it’s time to check out your analytics! Log into Pinterest. In the dropdown menu under your profile photo, be sure and switch to the Pinterest “New Look” in the upper right corner. Now should if you have the “New Look”, you’ll now see a link for Analytics. Click on it.

Pinterest Analytics Menu Option

Pinterest should now open up your analytics page. You can also go the long way around by typing in the following URL: http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com into your browser. [replace yourdomain.com with your home page URL]

You’ll have the following data to view:

  • Most recent
  • Most repinned
  • Most clicked
  • Site metrics
  • Pinterest Analytics Menu Bar

    Simply select on the analytic you want to view. You can easily toggle back so that you can change your selection.

    Pinterest Analytics Sheet

    Pinterest Icon For Post PagesChange The Data Date Ranges
    If you want to change the date of the report, head over to the left part of your screen. There, you’ll see what time period the analytic is reporting. Right now your options are one specific day, the last 7 days, and the last 14 days.

    Pinterest Date Range

    Your main screen won’t show you a whole lot of meaningful information here. Your best bet is to export the report using the button on the right-hand side, and viewing the data in Excel. For example, when I ran the “most clicked” report for the last 7 days and opened in Excel, I was able to see the repins, comments, likes and total clicks for every pin.

    Pinterest Downloaded Analytics

    Pinterest Icon For Post PagesDrilling Deeper Into Your Pinterest Analytics

    If you click on the Site Metrics option on your analytics page, you’ll get a graphical representation of your data over the reporting period. This also gives you some additional data, like impressions, reach, clicks, visitors and more. What’s nice about the Site Metrics section is that you can be more granular with your date range as well, spanning bigger periods of time.

    Site metrics will also take your defined date range and indicate whether certain data points have increased or decreased since the previous reporting period of that same length. So if you’re looking at the last 30 days of data, Pinterest will compare it to the previous 30 days before that.

    Pinterest Analytics Sheet

    Again, by exporting your site metrics data into Excel, you’ll be able to dig even deeper into what each individual pin did for your Pinterest traffic.

  • What do you think?
  • Will you be using Pinterest’s new analytics?

  • Why not check out the Video Tutorial created by the Masters at Pinterest. Opens In a New Window
    Pinterest Analytics Video