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Facebook Marketing List For Businesses – 2013

So, we have all been there, regardless if we are new to Marketing on Facebook or we are a veteran Pro at Facebook Marketing. The point has to be we all have and need a basic plan to follow, without having a plan or structured theory, your simply paddling in a puddle with no true focus.

Most of us will have done a number of these things already, but it can never do any harm to have a few extra pointers to add to your bow of Marketing skills. Due to being such a big list, there should be something new for everyone. Make your Marketing Efforts in 2013 more powerful on the Facebook Platform.

Start Here, by saving or printing out the PDF list!!!

Configuring The Basics Of Your Fan Page

Merging Your Pages
Did you start out by thinking the best way to market your business was to have several Facebook Fanpages, only to then find in fact several of those pages are in fact either to much to manage or just not attracting the amount of attention you would have liked. You won’t be the first to do it and you won’t be the last.
So you have several pages to manage, but now wish you only had the one, so why not merge all the pages in to one. Facebook will allow you to merge up to six pages that you control. Therefore bringing all of them under one address and combining all the “Likes” etc.
You can now merge these pages through your basic person page settings/admin panel. Be sure to log into your personal page and not your fan/business page.
Simply follow the instructions from Facebook.

Convert That Personal Profile to a Business Page
Once again, this perhaps seemed the logical way for you to start promoting your Business on Facebook, but is it not time now to add the professional touch and extra benefits of a Facebook Business/fan Page. It is just as expensive as your Personal Profile after all.
It really is time to realise that a Business/Fan Page has far more benefits over your profile page. We could start listing and details those benefits, but this will take far to long, perhaps you can simply check out the indepth details here:
What is a Facebook Page?
Why is a Page a better solution than a personal account for businesses, brands and organizations?

But if you would simply just like to get your profile converted into a page, lets get going…
How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?

Upgrading Your Username and Page Name.
Facebook has no real rules concerning the names we use in our accounts and Facebook Url’s. But there are some basic marketing guidelines that will help you gain more attention in your marketing efforts.

It is worth noting at this moment, that these basic rules should really apply to everything you do in business marketing and promoting your business name or even brand.

When creating your page, at some point, (the rules seem to change on this one from location to location), you will find the option in your setting to “Claim your username”. So what is a Facebook username, in basic it is simply terms, it is a Facebook url with your pre-defined Brand/Business/Username attached to the end of it.


Lets face it, your primary goal in marketing is simply to get your business name out there and know to everybody who is a potential customer. Therefore does it not simply make sense to add your most desirable name to the end of your Facebook URL, whilst also making it far easier to remember, when somebody asks you for it. Adding your business name to the URL’s will in fact actually make it far easier for potential customers to find you through search engines and SEO as well.

Create your Custom Facebook URL here: Claim Your Username or Business Page URL on Facebook

The About Us Section As A Tool
In all of the Facebook pages, you will find the option to add your content into the About Us, section. Although it is important to realise the about us is in fact split into two parts. The “About Us” page and the “About Us” section/box. Here we are just adding marketing content to the “About Us” section/box, with the intention of driving customers/traffic to your business/web site.

Whilst many business will add a small paragraph of text describing their business, this in fact is a rather dead end exercise, anybody who is visiting your page should in fact be able to figure out what your business is all about with the various content/posts and visual aids that are built into your page. Therefore would it in fact not make more business sense to actually add the basics to this section, such as Contact Details, Address, Website Url, Open hours etc etc.

“About Us” Page To Brag Your Business Brand
So we covered the simple “About Us” section above, but we we want to go into depth and look at where you you can seriously brag up your business.

This will obviously be within the “About Us” page in your Facebook Page. Within this section/page you can add all the content that suits your needs. But this section has a great twist that most businesses do not realise. These are perhaps the most important sections of your Facebook Business page, this is the simple because of the fact that this page is the main focus for the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Therefore it is worth spending time making sure that you get all of your keywords and information, product details and relevant links within this section.

A great tip here that we like to keep in mind when completing or adding to this page is that not all sections actually make logical sense. For ourselves for example: Qualifications: are not really all that relevant, so as we don’t add qualifications, we have added other details concerning our business, extra links, social network links etc. always be sure to complete all sections available, but if not suitable to your business, use it to add other more logical details.

When users click on the “About” link immediately under that box below your profile photo, they’ll be directed to your About page. This is the page that Google and other search engines will index, so it’s important that you fill it out completely. Include all necessary key words and information, products and relevant links.

Brands on Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest has surprised the social media world by rising to become one of the most popular social media networking sites in a very short period of time. According to totalpinterest.com Pinterest has 25 million+ active users worldwide and another source puts the number of unique visitors at 31.5million+ (compete.com). Pinterest.com is ranked #35 in the world. Social media sites are also seeing a gender split – women use social media more than men. More women are on Facebook and Twitter. About 57% of Facebook and 59% of Twitter users are women.Women more attracted to Pinterest while young techie men hang out on Google+. Pinterest has the heaviest gender imbalance – 82% of users are women and 18% are men. The most popular age group on Pinterest is 25-34 years.

Great Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

Great Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

Great Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

Online marketing does not have to a difficult process, anybody who has researched either SEO or Online marketing, will find a wealth of information. The biggest issue as a business owner has to be, weeding out the good information from the bad, therefore avoiding causing damage to your reputation with the SEO search engine. Therefore we have put together a small list just to get you started.

dart-iconHave you recently said this to yourself:

  • “What the hell are you trying to do?”
  • “What is the goal of your website?”
  • Ultimately, it should be to drive more business:

  • but how exactly can I do that?
  • Without a goal, your never going to achieve your target – this goal could be as simple generate a certain number of leads – once you have your leads, you can then branch out from there. However there is one final step your need to consider when your your goals and targets. How to monitor and measure them.

    dart-iconKnow the Value of your website’s content – Content is King.

  • What does your website say to your readers?
  • Is the content unique and useful to them?
  • Will your readers learn anything new from your website content?
    Are you adding new content frequently to encourage your reader to return?
    Does your website have content worth reading or are your readers just switching off?
    Keeping it relative, Does your content match your business goals?

    dart-iconNever be afraid to adjust or experiment with new keywords on web sites. Every site is different and the keywords need to suit your needs perfectly. The < title > tag within your website say more than most people realize. Visit any of your websites. Looking at the tab within yor browser, what text is displayed and does it describe your business with distinction that will make you stand out from the rest.

  • What do you see and more importantly what do your customers see
  • Does it describe the page you’re looking at or does it describe the website in general?
  • Is it a unique description that makes your page stand out?
  • Are the keywords what you want people to associate with that page of your website?
  • dart-iconCall tracking and analytics. Are you tracking the number to leads your online contact number is creating for you. Most businesses overlook their lead generations. A great method of measuring this would be to have a dedicated content number on your website, not your general reception number or the number for technical support. This number should be dedicated to lead calls only. If you don’t have the budget or the hardware to do this, there are loads of online service provides who can create a number for you and apply their own unique tracking/analytics for you. You also have the option to create Google analytics setting to track this option, after all Google is free, and we recommend it day in and day out. We also recommend you make sure you can track every lead that’s generated by your website and other marketing projects.

    dart-iconUse free local business directories. No matter where your business is located, there are always localally based business directories and many of them are free. So the question has to be, why is your business not listed in them, you can bet most of your competitors will be. When a service is free, what does it cost you to list within the directory for any set period of time. Generally at the most, it will be nothing more a few minutes completing an online form or perhaps a five minute telephone call. That is it, for a few minutes of your time, you have hopefully increased your potential online and offline business revenues.

    Google Local Business Center
    Yahoo! Local

    dart-iconChecking out your competition.
    Never worry about checking out what your competition are doing, you can be sure that are checking out what you are doing and what marketing methods you are using. Just like your customers you have a wealth of information at your finger tips in order for you to research what your competition are doing, a simple online search for common keywords or phrases within your industry should highlight most of your competition. Whilst you may not want to always admit it, this is also a great way to perhaps find inspiring and new marketing ideas.

    dart-iconKeeping it neat and up to date.
    No matter how perfect you think your online and web site content may be, there is always room for improvement. Technologies and design concepts are constantly changing within online content and this is always reflected through your web site and content. Being honest with yourself, does your site look old or tired, when was the last time you added new functionality to it. Being honest with yourself on this basis, whilst hard to do has to be done. If your content and design does not show any attention to detail or true care, then what does that tell your customers about your business.

    dart-iconBlogging and Adding Content. No matter what business sector you are in, your business has value to add to your customers through blogging and new content.

    dart-iconPosting Video Content Online. We have all been hearing how video is going to be the marketing media of 2013, so the question has to be, why are you not promoting your business through a Video format. Lets face reality here, are you carrying a mobile phone in your pocket and 99.99% of mobiles now have video functionality. Hosting your videos also is no longer an issue with sites such a Youtube, Metacafe, Pinterest etc, it can be hosted free and most of those services even provide you with some basic editing software and then finally a link so that you can share your video in any promotional method you feel is suitable.

    Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

    Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

    It appears no matter where we look or even try to hid, Social Media is the big trend and looks to be so for quite some time to come yet. The question is are your Social Media Marketing Foundations set correctly.

    Google has now been trying its hat into the Social Media world for a while now, but it appears that with Google+ they may have finally cracked it. Lets have a quick look under the hood of Google+ and see what there is that you can build into your Marketing plans for the future of 2013.

    Google+, the undated and shiny SM platform.
    Obviously the best place to start would be to look at basic profile and feed page for the Google+ account holder.
    Although the layout may appear a little complicated, like any other system once you get used to moving around it, it is just like the rest of them. Never be put of by something that might look complicated or new, in the Modern Marketing World, we have to look at new concepts and ideas to ensure we keep ahead of the latest trends. The general concept behind Google+ is perhaps a mix up of all the rest, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and perhaps even Youtube to name a few. When the powers at be from Google launched Google+ it appears their primary aim was place a foothold in the areas that the likes of Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even Twitter and Quora has missed out on and move the concept of Social Media forward.

    Google+ Search Engine Optimization
    As we all know, Google are the big boys when it comes down to our Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), would that therefore note mean that having your Social Media connected directly in to Google would have a positive effect on your SEO rankings. As your can expect, Google took this into account when they launched Google+ and is constantly making changes to their algorithms in order to incorporate Google+ profiles and content.

  • Having trimmed the analytic’s, you have more information on your +1’d connections and how they have shared your content in Google+
  • Google adds “Authorship” tags to syndicated posts and allows users to follow specific authors and list your content for their +1’s. (author tagging)
  • Meaning quite simply that if you want to be taken serious in your Social Media and Marketing plans, you need to have a Google+ profile.

    Google+ Apps
    Just like any other online marketing platform, Google is spending a vast budget on the future of Google+ and Profiles to be built into their Google apps for the mobile market. Google knows that the future is in the mobile apps market and are building on their platform to incorporate the functionality.

    Google+ Bring Google Rebranding
    We all know how Google likes to purchase smaller up and coming trending companies in order to build into the Google brand. It appears however that Google are now going one step further and actually re-branding products within the Google portfolio to actually be re-branded into the Google+ model/brand.

    All the risks for Google???
    Obviously Google is placing a lot eggs in the basket of Google+, especially following the issues raised when the launched Google Wave and were seriously burned when further issues of security and privacy problems. It became very apparent quickly the Google Wave was not what we were expecting turned out to be a flop in the Google branding history.

    But this raises questions:

  • Is or will Google+ be going the same way???
  • Why should you trust Google+???
  • Is Google+ just another “Time Warp” factor to add into the equation???
    The point here is quite simple, regardless of what we think of Google and it’s history in the Social Media market, it now has its foothold within the SM market since the launch of Google+ and appears to currently still be a new shiny toy for those who need to be in the know to play around with and help Google beta test. We all know that Google+ has now been playing around with their platform for the last few years in order to improve, but less know facts fact are that various functionality feature within the brand have already gone the way of Google Wave. Brands such as Plurk, Diaspora and Referral Key have already gone that way and turned out to be a flop yet again. Is this a factor we need to keep in mind when making a choice with Google+???

    Whilst Google+ may now have that foothold in the Social Media market, it still appears to have creases within its systems that might need a little more attention, whilst we put aside their previous issues, breaches and dead products. We are building a basic SM platform within their group of products simply as a testing bed and planning to see where it goes over the coming months. Being perhaps a little more stable and widely used now, we think it time for us to test the waters and see where it takes us.

    Why not follow us over the coming months on our journey with Google+ and looking at all the Tips and Tricks we learn and share along the way. Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side of Google+ with any luck.

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    Marketing Price To Increase Facebook Profits

    Since September there has been on-going debate about the declining reach of Facebook posts.
    The more sceptical of us would say that Facebook is forcing businesses to ‘pay to play’ (i.e. push companies to advertise), others might say that it’s the inevitable result of too many Pages posting too often, and a few chirpy characters say they haven’t noticed any change and don’t know what all the fuss is about.
    A recent joint study conducted by We Are Social and Socialbakers showed an average drop in reach of 40% (see graph above), but others are bucking this trend. Alex Pearmain, the out-going Head of Social Media at O2, says that their reach is flat, but not declining.

    So why are some Pages being so badly affected whilst others aren’t? According to Social Fresh, a major factor could be that edgerank is placing more emphasis on negative feedback such as hides and unlikes.
    This brings us back to ‘engagement strategies’. Earlier this year, our own Luke Brynley-Jones took to Econsultancy’s blog to argue that all too often social media engagement strategies are “condescending and crass”. Brands are inundating newsfeeds with unashamed and pushy calls to action with (at best) a loose connection to the brand or product.
    The reason this type of content is so popular is that it actually does drive ‘engagement’ – or likes anyway. However, it is probably also the type of content that is most likely to produce negative feedback. From now on, the impact of this negative feedback should be seen as being at least as important as that of a like or a comment.
    One would assume that Pages that aren’t losing reach are delivering the type of content their fans expect. We can only hope this is the case and that Facebook is genuine in trying to improve the quality of posts. The bottom line? Companies shouldn’t expect their content to be seen regardless of its quality and they should expect to be punished if they aren’t living up to fans expectations.