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Facebook Marketing List For Businesses – 2013

So, we have all been there, regardless if we are new to Marketing on Facebook or we are a veteran Pro at Facebook Marketing. The point has to be we all have and need a basic plan to follow, without having a plan or structured theory, your simply paddling in a puddle with no true focus.

Most of us will have done a number of these things already, but it can never do any harm to have a few extra pointers to add to your bow of Marketing skills. Due to being such a big list, there should be something new for everyone. Make your Marketing Efforts in 2013 more powerful on the Facebook Platform.

Start Here, by saving or printing out the PDF list!!!

Configuring The Basics Of Your Fan Page

Merging Your Pages
Did you start out by thinking the best way to market your business was to have several Facebook Fanpages, only to then find in fact several of those pages are in fact either to much to manage or just not attracting the amount of attention you would have liked. You won’t be the first to do it and you won’t be the last.
So you have several pages to manage, but now wish you only had the one, so why not merge all the pages in to one. Facebook will allow you to merge up to six pages that you control. Therefore bringing all of them under one address and combining all the “Likes” etc.
You can now merge these pages through your basic person page settings/admin panel. Be sure to log into your personal page and not your fan/business page.
Simply follow the instructions from Facebook.

Convert That Personal Profile to a Business Page
Once again, this perhaps seemed the logical way for you to start promoting your Business on Facebook, but is it not time now to add the professional touch and extra benefits of a Facebook Business/fan Page. It is just as expensive as your Personal Profile after all.
It really is time to realise that a Business/Fan Page has far more benefits over your profile page. We could start listing and details those benefits, but this will take far to long, perhaps you can simply check out the indepth details here:
What is a Facebook Page?
Why is a Page a better solution than a personal account for businesses, brands and organizations?

But if you would simply just like to get your profile converted into a page, lets get going…
How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?

Upgrading Your Username and Page Name.
Facebook has no real rules concerning the names we use in our accounts and Facebook Url’s. But there are some basic marketing guidelines that will help you gain more attention in your marketing efforts.

It is worth noting at this moment, that these basic rules should really apply to everything you do in business marketing and promoting your business name or even brand.

When creating your page, at some point, (the rules seem to change on this one from location to location), you will find the option in your setting to “Claim your username”. So what is a Facebook username, in basic it is simply terms, it is a Facebook url with your pre-defined Brand/Business/Username attached to the end of it.


Lets face it, your primary goal in marketing is simply to get your business name out there and know to everybody who is a potential customer. Therefore does it not simply make sense to add your most desirable name to the end of your Facebook URL, whilst also making it far easier to remember, when somebody asks you for it. Adding your business name to the URL’s will in fact actually make it far easier for potential customers to find you through search engines and SEO as well.

Create your Custom Facebook URL here: Claim Your Username or Business Page URL on Facebook

The About Us Section As A Tool
In all of the Facebook pages, you will find the option to add your content into the About Us, section. Although it is important to realise the about us is in fact split into two parts. The “About Us” page and the “About Us” section/box. Here we are just adding marketing content to the “About Us” section/box, with the intention of driving customers/traffic to your business/web site.

Whilst many business will add a small paragraph of text describing their business, this in fact is a rather dead end exercise, anybody who is visiting your page should in fact be able to figure out what your business is all about with the various content/posts and visual aids that are built into your page. Therefore would it in fact not make more business sense to actually add the basics to this section, such as Contact Details, Address, Website Url, Open hours etc etc.

“About Us” Page To Brag Your Business Brand
So we covered the simple “About Us” section above, but we we want to go into depth and look at where you you can seriously brag up your business.

This will obviously be within the “About Us” page in your Facebook Page. Within this section/page you can add all the content that suits your needs. But this section has a great twist that most businesses do not realise. These are perhaps the most important sections of your Facebook Business page, this is the simple because of the fact that this page is the main focus for the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Therefore it is worth spending time making sure that you get all of your keywords and information, product details and relevant links within this section.

A great tip here that we like to keep in mind when completing or adding to this page is that not all sections actually make logical sense. For ourselves for example: Qualifications: are not really all that relevant, so as we don’t add qualifications, we have added other details concerning our business, extra links, social network links etc. always be sure to complete all sections available, but if not suitable to your business, use it to add other more logical details.

When users click on the “About” link immediately under that box below your profile photo, they’ll be directed to your About page. This is the page that Google and other search engines will index, so it’s important that you fill it out completely. Include all necessary key words and information, products and relevant links.

The Facebook Killer, You or Edgerank

Facebook Killer

Remove From News FeedThe Facebook Killer, You or Edgerank

Over the last few weeks or perhaps even months now, we have all been hearing how the Facebook Edgerank is costing us potential customers or viewers within our Fan Pages. We all know that we want all our Fans & friends to see our posts and promotions/offers. Honestly, how many times over the recent weeks have we seen this:

I should be able to reach 100% of my Fans!

It has been on almost ever News Feed we view at some point or another, the concept, the idea is causing a serious uproar within our communities.
Once again, lets be honest with ourselves here…

How many of your Fans actually see or respond to your post???
1. If you are lucky and timing is on your side, perhaps half of your Fans may even know the post exists
2. Those who were not online at the time of posting wont check their News Feed history
3. Are all of your Fans “Real Fans” or perhaps even “Dead Accounts”, we all know the buy Fans scams

Whilst all of the above can generally be banded together to cause the same result, a lower number of views. In fact it is basically impossible to reach ALL of your Fans on any set day. Without mentioning the impact that the following Fans are having on your Page/Posts.

Facebook KillerHowever, did you know that there is in fact an even bigger Reach Killer???

We all know that over time we loose Fans, simply because they get bored, so hopefully these people will just unlike our Pages. Perhaps neither a good or a bad thing as once you see this happen within your Insights, you know its time to review your content & methods. Therefore helping you to maximize your efforts.

This little know “Reach Killer” is what used to be know as “Hide All” now known as unchecking the “Show in News Feed” option. A very quick and effective way to remove “YOUR” content from their feeds and the feeds of their friends.

Negative CommentsPerhaps on the surface this may not appear to be a major issue, but once we start to look at the impact this actually has on your “Reach Potential“, we find that they actually cause a fair amount of problems. Perhaps most importantly of all, as mentioned above, you will never reach them or their friends again. They will now even forget that they even have a “Like” connection to your Fan Page, they will no longer, share, like or even comment on your posts. EVER AGAIN

Ye, and, we hear you say, “it is only one Hide All”, but this is where your problems are really going to start. What if in fact 8% of your Fans have done this over a period of time, (and you were unaware of this). Because now your Page Like count is now padded, no matter how you slice this padding, it is going to be a negative impact for you, especially when you bring Insight into the equation. Quick example is, you have 8000 Fans, 8% of these Fans have used the “Reach Killer“. That is actually 640 Fans that will not respond or help Edgerank your post, not including the friends of theirs that may have upgraded you as well. When Edgerank carries out its various calculation, that 640 none existent Fans is going to have a negative impact on those calculations.

How to Check Your Hide All Count
As always with Edgerank, the important information that we actually need is buried somewhere within the depths of beyond. However, it is there and we can in fact actually learn a great deal from this information. There is a little effort on your part required or at least the part of somebody who knows how to use Spreadsheets.
Go to your Fan Page Admin Panel > Insights > Export Data. Just check that Page Level Data is selected, set your date parameters and format type and click Download.
Once the download has completed, open the document and do a search throughout the workbook for “hide_all” (type it as it is shown), Normally the first result shown will be for the “Daily Negative Feedback” tab and Column C or D is the one you should be focused on.

Go to the cell below the last item in Column C and perhaps even column D, enter the following formula: (change the letter to suit the relevant column number).

This will simply tell you how many people have used the “Reach Killer” and hidden your content from their feeds.
Insights SpreadSheet

Obviously this is only a set of statistics and how seriously you take these figures is your choice, but you have to now be considering the following point: —- How Much Dead Weight Do You Have? —–

Will some of these people have also unliked your Page? I guess so. But that would presumably be extremely rare.

So what’s your Hide All percentage? Don’t be bashful. And don’t just post to brag. Someone’s gotta have a higher percentage than me! Share below!

Have you done your Social Media Diary homework???

ModernMarketingWorld Diary Page

Facebook Diary

Everyday we have action points in our diary for Facebook marketing. We hope that below we have created a basic simple help list for anybody who may want to increase their marketing strategies. As you can see from the details below our Monday morning is pretty busy, yet chilled with easy tasks.

What does your Monday morning diary include, now whilst ours may be chilled and easy going, the impact that this actually has on our Fan Pages, it has proved to be a very good investment of our time to reach our audience/customers. The best part is, it cost nothing and Facebook is doing all the work for us.

Diary Post It Note One1. Download Insights…Withing your Fanpage Dashboard, you will have a link to “See All” within the Insights section. Click that link to view all your resent Insight statistics. It is worth keeping in mind here that Facebook is not actually as fast as we might like them to be and is normally a few days behind in updating your insights. We tend to simply check that the dates displayed cover Friday to Friday. In the upper right corner is an Export Data button. Click this button, set up your options as you require, we use Microsoft Excel (.xls) files and set the dates to cover the week span Friday to Friday. Once your options are set, click the download button and within seconds you will notice that the file has been downloaded in your requested location, (normally downloads folder on PC).

Post It Note Two2. Print Insights… Once the download has completed, simply open the file and print out the pages or work book that you require. If you have never worked through “Insights” before, you should perhaps have a read of this, very useful video included. Once you have printed out your data, simply place it to one side, because if your like me, you going to need that first cup of coffee of the day before you even think about trying to digest it. :-).

Facebook Diary Post It Note Three3. Share Your Page… Well now that the exciting stuff is done, lets get the boring marketing actions out of the way. You may have noticed while viewing your “Insight” details there was a “friends of fans” number displayed. Our’s is currently around 26,000. This is the number of people anything you Share or Post could potentially be seen by. So to take full advantage of this free marketing option we are going to Share our page with as many of those people as possible. In the top right, Click on the “Build Audience” button, from the drop down menu simply select the “Share Page” option. A new Facebook panel will open showing the normal share options, with a link and details of your Fanpage already included. Simply complete the text box with a little marketing/promotional blurb and click “Share Page”. Now how easy was that, took around two or three minutes and you just reached out to potentially 26,000 people or more. {Note} – You can Rinse and Repeat this system for all your Fanpages and as often as you like, although keep in mind how you feel about being “Spammed”.

Facebook Post It Note 44. Invite Friends To “Like”… How many friends do you have on Facebook??? Currently we have around 1500/1600, but our Fanpage likes is no-where near that kind of number, (we wish). Most of our friends have very little interest in our hobby or business. Or perhaps they don’t even know it exists. Therefore every Monday we go through our promoting to friends exercise. If you have more than one Fanpage, you might want to do this more often to cover each Fanpage. This is so easy to do and even with our number of friends only takes around 5-10 minutes. Again simply open your Fanpage, and again click the “Build Audience”button, from the contained drop down, simply click “Invite Friends”. A new Facebook panel appears showing all your friends that are connected to your personal Facebook profile. {Note:} By default Facebook only shows those friends that you have recently interacted with, this option is in the upper left of the Facebook panel, we normally change this in the drop down to show “All Friends”. Simply go through the list and click on each friend that you would like to invite. At the bottom of the panel is a “Submit” buttom, once you have finished, Facebook will send out an invitation on your behalf to all those friends.

Facebook Fan Page Post It Note Six5. Promote Your Most Loyal Fans… Now lets be honest here, without our Fans/Friends our Facebook Pages would not have any impact, we need them to interact and help promoting our brand in order to create awareness and bring attention to our brands/products. At this point you need to be a little ruthless and perhaps self indulgent with a marketing promotion here. Simply go to the Applications Center on Facebook, there are loads of application there that search through your Fanpage Timeline for you and work out who your most popular Fans/Friends are. Perhaps search for Top 10 Friends, or Friendship Circle . Once you have selected an application that suits your needs, simply follow the onscreen instructions and create that post and special Thank You to all those popular Fans/Friends. {Note,} Don’t forget to check the Timeline’s of those friends and check that the post is on their Timeline.

Facebook Fan Page Post It Note Five6. Celebrate Your Best Fan… Promote your most popular or regular Fan, do this publicly to highlight their input and the fact you appreciate their help. They may not even see it as having helped, but as a business you will. “What wrong with showing your most popular visitor off in lights, don’t we all like to be in the lime light from time to time”. Once again this will only take you a few minutes once you have system set up to make your life easy. You don’t want to have to trawl through last weeks “insights” to find out who that person was. Use An App. Simply go to the Application Center and search for a suitable App, Top Fans or perhaps Fan Of The Week. Simply chose the app that suits you best and follow the onscreen instructions to use it. Be sure once you have completed it that you check your “Fans/Friends” Timeline to be sure they will see your Thank You. Once they have seen, if they comment or share it, create a communication line, have a quick chat, secretly promoting the status you have created and your business.

Facebook Fan Page Post It Note Seven7. Join Like Minded Groups… For a long time this function has been so far over looking but is very rapidly becoming a regular event on Facebook and other social networks. This is broken down into two sections. Section One, in the Facebook search bar, simply type in a relevant search criteria to display groups/pages like yourselves. Do not press return once you finish typing as this will take you to the top result, you want to see the full list not just the top result. When you finish typing, a list is displayed but at the bottom of that list is a link to bottom saying “See More Results For ???????”, click that link. On the left hand side of the new page, click “Pages”. Visit around 10-15 of those pages and connect with them, making a point to interact/introduce yourself to the page and its operators. Hint: Once you finish on each page, use the “Back” button in your browser to return to the results page. After you have visited the number of Pages that suits you, return to the search results page and from the left select “Groups”. Rinse & repeat exactly the same as you have done above, although you will want to pay attention to the groups rules, you don’t want to post/comment if it breaches their rules. Groups can and do generally ban people very quickly if anybody breaks the rules, personally I have even seen them ban people for doing something on your own Timeline that they don’t agree with. Not exactly good marketing for them though. 🙂

Section two, however this can be more time consuming and you have no control as to when it is going to happen. FanPage Facebook Parties. There are a number of Pages appearing on Facebook that have got this system pretty much nailed down to work in a very good way. As this is not actually part of the diary series, (and in all honesty, they are pretty self explanatory once you read the Post rules) I am simply going to supply the links to some of the most popular and then you can just watch out for their next party. Mari Smith, Azura Social Media, Buoy Marketing, LLC and Julia Maria Energy Works, not forgetting obviously our own parties that we run from time to time. These parties are also becoming popular to promote other social media networks on, twitter, pinterest, linkedIn, google etc. Perhaps worth keeping your eyes open for all these events.

Facebook Fanpage Post It Note Eight8. Review Insights Results… With Facebook insights, most of the information provided and the methods used in the analysis of the information is Business specific or down to personal preference. We would not want to indicate on this page how you should analyse this information. If you have never reviewed your Facebook “Insights” before or are simply not sure where to start, perhaps check out this page and video. When reviewing the details of Insights, its primary function for this morning is to simply work out, how, when, why people are interacting with your Fanpage. Once you have this information you can start to truly understand your Fans/customers and therefore you will be able to sharpen up your marketing methods to fit in with their trends.

Facebook Fanpage Post It Note Nine9. Plan Ahead… Now that you have the information that the Facebook Insight has provided you with, together with your own personal knowledge of your Facebook market, you should be in a much stronger position to direct your marketing plans and events directly to your online customers. We generally spend a good couple of hours planning our weeks marketing content, as this can sometimes actually create more interaction than our simple posts and comments. Everybody in business need to keep in mind the customers that they don’t yet know about and the customers they already have. Time needs to be spent reviewing plans and checking that they are following the trends of your Fans/friends.

Well that is our normal Monday morning diary, we hope you have enjoyed the page and found it useful. Please do feel free to leave your comments and ideas below as always.

ModernMarketingWorld Diary Page

Facebook FanPage Friday Party



It’s Friday On Facebook And You Know What That Means!

You don’t know what that means??
Each Friday I invite you to participate in #FanPageFriday on my Facebook Page!
I encourage you to come out and make TWO replies to the lead-post there!


First – promote a facebook fan page that you enjoy! Tag it and tell us why its kick ass! (Preferably one that you did not promote last week.)
Second – promote your OWN FB Fan Page and tell us why it’s rockin!
Third – share the event!
Finally – go check out the other pages people have shared and leave some comments!

This is a great way to do some networking, get to know others, share the love and showcase what YOU are building on Facebook!
No blatant business opportunities or ads for products but this is an open invite to share and promote your fan page for your business or product as long as you promote another and join in the conversations!

Come show us what you love and gain some new friends and fans at the same time!

We can’t wait to see your Fan Pages!