Twitter: Tips and Tricks For IPhone Users

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Twitter: Tips and Tricks For IPhone Users

Twitter Light Bulb MomentTaking Advantage of Advanced Timeline Options
Twitter Timeline Break On IPhone
By default, the Twitter Iphone app will only display the latest 100 tweets since the last time you checked your account. The break in the Timeline is displayed by the jagged line as show in this image. The tweets below the jagged line are tweets from your previous Twitter log in, but what about those in between we hear you say.
Solution: By tapping the Timeline break Twitter will then load the tweets you have missed out on.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentReturning To The Top Of Your Twitter Timeline

This trick can be a little a finger tricky, but if your good, you will get the hang of it. So your way down the river of your Twitter Timeline and rather than scrolling all the way back to the top, you want to be there instantly.
Solution: Double tap the Home button at the bottom of the IPhone screen.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentView complete conversation thread.
Twitter Reply Tug Down
Isn’t just so infuriating, your half way through replying to a tweet and there is something in the original tweet that you need to check. But this means you have to go back to the original tweet and start all over again. Well not any more, we even have a solution for that.
Solution: Place your finger in the text of the reply and drag the text area downwards, therefore reveals the original Tweet. Hence allowing you to review the content you needed in order to create your reply.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentCopy and Paste functions within Tweets
Twitter Iphone Copy and Paste
Since Apple finally allowed Copy and Paste on the IPhone, it is now possible to copy the content of any tweet or users bio text to the IPhone clip board. As always with a clipboard on devices, you are then free to paste the clipboard wherever you chose.
Solution: Lightly hold finger on the text you wish to copy, the copy tab will appear, or if it has not selected all the text you want, you can additionally move the two pins that are displayed at either end of the shaded area. This is a little finger tricky if like me you have dumpy fingers.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentLocating the original URL of a Tweet.
IPhone and Twitter Copy Content Options
Somebody has sent you a tweet and there is perhaps more information attached that you can not see or you simply need the URL to the original to share it out with other in another Media format. For those using Twitter or other Social Media marketing methods, this is a handy little tip to be aware of, should you need it.
Solution: Open the original Tweet from within your Timeline, tap the Share button. From within the new pop up menu, select the Copy Link, (if there is another option more suited to your needs, use it within the pop up menu). This will place a copy of the Tweets original URL directly into your IPhones clipboard ready to be pasted where you actually want to use it. I use this frequently when blogging from the Word Press IPhone app.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentActivating Twitter and IPhone link options.
Twitter IPhone Copy URL Options
For those of us who use Twitter frequently, we all know how everybody loves to attach various URL types to their Tweets, simply because how much can you say in 140 Characters. So, Twitter have provided us with various options that we can do with these links. Once again simple touch screen technology.
Solution: Using your finger tip, hold the URL for a few seconds and release, this will bring up the new option panel. Select the option you require and away you go. By tapping the URL, this will simply activate the required URL and take to the desired location.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentMark All Direct Messages (DMs) as read
Mark All As Read
If your running a little short on time, or perhaps you have already viewed the basic content of your DMs on another device and have no need to click each and every one to view the content individually, but you need to remove the notification for how many unread DMs you have.
solution: Open your DMs panel on the IPhone, down in the bottom right corner is what appears to be a check mark, (or as us Brits call it a tick), tap this option to bring up a new menu that includes the option to Mark All As Read.

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. Leisa Terry Watkins via Facebook says:

    So needed this. THANKS!!

  2. Don’t have a Iphone. But great info.

  3. Shel Welker via Facebook says:

    Great tips. Got a few that I didn’t know about! Thanks!

  4. I wish you Tascha! I don’t have an IPhone either.

  5. Hi guys, don’t forget if the trick works on one brand of phone, it is highly likely to work on others as well-I just don’t have enough brands to test them all- 🙂 –

  6. liked and shared Allan Nelson and I don’t even own a cell phone 🙂

  7. Pretty cool! I don’t have an iPhone. It will be nice when all apps are for all phones. I guess I’m calling for “Phone Equality”! Lol

  8. Yvette Porter Moore via Facebook says:

    Cool!! I have an iPhone and will see what I can do. 🙂

  9. Great information ….I am fan of your site keep it up..

  10. I am one still in the dark ages I guess, no cell phone for me just get by with the old land lines.

  11. I need a cell phone too, but I don’t think I can afford an I anything right now.

  12. Well done Modern Marketing World, your tips are spot on and timely.

  13. Morning Guys, just wanted to add a new tip following some comments above-for those who don’t have a mobile-we would personally suggest getting one-but you never need to put credit or get a contract phone-as long as the device has wi-fi and you can connect to your home/business network everything else is free-this will give you mobile freedom and improve your engagement captures – 🙂

  14. Great article and lots of people just love their Iphones

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