10 Twitter Marketing Tips

10 Advanced Twitter Tips & Tricks

10 Advanced Twitter Tips & Tricks

Anybody who follows our blogs, knows that we love to share most of the latest marketing online tips and tricks. Aiming to give you the edge on all your competitors in business. Today we are covering Twitter and aim to help you get more attention, engagement, clicks, replies, and new followers.

Our staff have therefore put together this weeks top 10 advanced Twitter tips and tricks:

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Search for Yourself
Twitter’s API has limit of 150 calls per hour. Each time your twitter client searches through your, Direct Messages (DM’s), replies and tweets, its is another call to the API wasted. By using for your own Brand/business name instead of a replies search i the Twitter client you are saving your API searches.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Tweet Finders
Whilst it may not be the most powerful of Twitter tools, it can certain be a very useful tool to be aware of. Friendfeed is a great little tool for searching though your old tweets. Although the great Twitter Search only goes back a few weeks, this great tool Friendfeed allows you to find any old tweet through out your Twitter History.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Use Twitter Groups Just like all methods of Social Media, within no time at all you find you are following loads more tweeps than you can actually keep up with. Therefore by simply using the Twitter groups and lists functions, you will find it far easier to follow those tweeps that are most important to you.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Dont use the & symbol in Twitter Profile
Whilst it is a generally known rule that using character symbols in Tweets and other Social Media is not the best methods of communication, due mainly due to the lack of support for special characters. It is a long known fact that Twitter specifically does have an issue with displaying the & symbol.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Remove The Twitter Clutter
125 or less is the new 140 – We all know that with Twitter you only have 140 characters to say what you want to say and get your point across. But if your focus is to maximise those 140 characters and use them all – “Perhaps Your Doing It Wrong” – By using all the character spaces yourself, your followers are then unable to Retweet or share your content. Excessive clutter leaves your follows with only two options, don’t Retweet or edit your original tweet. In all honesty neither option is considered acceptable by your followers or your potential clients.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Time Matters In Twitter Business
We all know how important it is to research your brand/product, but did you know you can now do a search in Goolge in what is considered to be real time. Search your subject on Google and click “Realtime” from the left hand column. Take a look at when people discuss your topic most on Twitter and this will help you maximize your Twitter marketing times.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Discover Twitter Your Worth
We have all heard how good it is to know what your social media efforts are worth, well Hubspot have now released a tool that enables you to test your Twitter account worth. Through the new tool on Twitter Grader you can see how you rank amongst other Tweeters. They have even build in a tool that enables you to work out your Klout score as well.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Twitter Locations Hunt
How would you like to know what your competitors are doing around you local town or city. Checking out what people of businesses around you are tweeting about is actually very easy and quick to do. Within the Advanced Search functions of Twitter, you can filter right down to a local area or district.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Tweet CompletelyMost of your twitter followers will not understand or have any idea that they can read all your tweets through the likes of RSS feeds, search.twitter or Google Alert etc. Whilst knowing you can use these methods is a handle little tip in itself, you should not rely on people knowing this and send out broken tweets spread over several tweets to create on complete tweet. Most of your followers will have no idea what your tweets are about.

lightbulb 31x51 Tips For Increasing Your Twitter Engagement...Positioning Your Twitter Links Many business do not realize or understand the relationship between links within a Tweet and Click Through Ratio’s. A great deal of research has actually been carried out into this and it has become the general rule is to have any links within the first 25% of your tweet.

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