14 Little Known Facebook Facts:

14 Little Known Facebook Facts: Infographic

14 Little Known Facebook Facts:

How much do we really know about perhaps one of the largest brands in world, most of know how to use it for fun, some even know how use it for business and few more claim to know how to make money from it. But how much do you actually know about Facebook.

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14 Little Known Facebook Facts:

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  1. Just wanted to check that you clicked the image to enlarge it to full size. Food for thought though, I will a click to enlarge button. Thanks for highlighting the problem the issue.

  2. Hi everyone, just quickly popping in before some dinner. Just wanted to check Ken Williams Photography, did you click the image to enlarge it to full size. Will put a “Click To Enlarge” prompt next time – Thank you for pointing it out though 🙂

  3. How inspiring… they LAUNCHED IN 2004 and it didn’t turn a profit for FIVE YEARS! Shows how much persistence, belief, passion, and action can ultimately pay off in a BIG way!

  4. with all of the recent changes I think FB is trying to get business that use FB to pay for advertising, but that is just the point of view from some of us who have seen our stats for our fan pages go way down.

  5. Great Infographic. Truth about the advertising. I think they have people scanning pictures as well because I put up some pics from 15 years back and then I all the sudden had weight loss adds popping up on on the sidebar. Yes FB I know I had put on some pounds lol

  6. I’m blind as a bat but I did find if I clicked on the image 3 times it super expanded it and could see it very well! Very interesting information too, it’s hard to imagine in that short time from 2004 until present day the growth they have had, just crazy!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Now that was some incredible read! I didn’t know half of the stuff there and now I’m glad I do. Beyond impressive.. now if I can only get some companies to invest a few million into my business..

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