20 Ways To Rock Your Facebook Page

Social Media Rocks

Every one wants to know how to get “visual” with their social media. If you not sure where to start, lets take a look at 20 ways to “Rock” your Facebook “Timeline”. I have compiled a basic list of various types of content you could use on your Timeline. Creativity and imagination could be the key here, playing with some graphics software could also be a great move forward.

Basic Methods Of Using Visual Content To Rock

Have Some Manners, Acknowledge Interation:

  1. Make Your Friends Famous

  2. 20 ways to rock social media
    Perhaps friends simply “Share”, “like” or comment on your content. Well now is the time to show them all how grateful you are for their interaction, (promotions). Your friends or fans will love seeing their name in the lights.
    With their name in lights, you can be pretty sure they will again promote you by sharing and commenting. With all the “Sharing, Comments & Tagging” that this can generate, before you know it your post will be “Viral”

  3. Create Special Promotions For You Fans/Friends

  4. friend promotionsCreate a special offer for all your Friends & Fans. Simple eye catching graphics which causes a good click through by those it has been sent to. There are plenty of Apps out there for you to play around with as you know your market and what offers, gifts they would react to the best. The key here as always to get the click through, with people clicking through to claim your offer, they are creating interest in your Page/Content.

    Or Perhaps some kind of private give away for your regulars, obviously it would need to be something you know that they are interested in.
    Facebook Friends Promo
    Takeaway: Keep in mind when doing these kind of promotions, or give aways, you should always use a known Facebook 3rd party App to ensure that you are not in breach of the Facebook T n C’s..

  5. To Hold a ‘Friends & Fans Bragging’ Day’!
  6. Bragging Rights DayVery simple to create and promote, normally takes no more that 5 or 10 minutes and then perhaps a few seconds every few hours to check it respond where needed.
    Create a post, with or without an image and promote the fact that your friends/fans can use this post to promote and big up their own Pages, let them include links. The more people post and promote themselves, the more they are also promoting you and Facebook Pages, together with your main activities. Just keep your eyes open for people daft things or comments.

    Have A Networking Party

    Share The Word

    Invite everyone in your friends list to post about their blog, facebook, social networks, simply share the words.

  7. Make Somebody Feel Special
  8. A Very Special Thank YouCould not be any more simple, simply create a special post for fans that have done something special for you or who highlighted your achievements.
    Many friends or Fans are that grateful for being put in the spot light they will tag their friends and fans within your post to them. Not only are they bigging themselves up, (which we all love to do), but they are bigging you up as well.
    A Special Thank You

  9. The Cuties
  10. Well lets be honest here, no we said honest 🙂 . Come on we have all done it, seen the cutest picture ever and before you know it, we have clicked the “Like” “comment” or even that fantastic “share” button. So if you have done, why are you not using this as a marketing tool???

    Find or create your own perfect “CUTE” image. Post it on your Timeline, encourage interaction from people, offer incentives for the best Slogan, Phrase to match the picture. The urge to respond to a cute can be some what irresistible, especially if there is a promotional incentive attached.
    Rotty Ranch Cute Picture

  11. Take A Break -Post Something That Is Not Work Related

  12. Lets face it, we all reach that point in the day, where we just need to take five minutes out, stretch the mind as it were. Well its becoming more popular now for people now to take a sneak peak at the social networks/Facebook during these quick five minutes. A perfect promotional market for you to hook into. Create and share a nice like Brain teaser, funny picture, puzzles, encourage your friends and fans to make your page the one to come and visit during their five minute brain stretch.

    Then take your post one step further and encourage them to comment or share once they have completed the puzzle/task. Opps, does that mean more free marketing, 🙂

  13. Branding & Fans Inputs
  14. Request people To Give Their Ideas On Branding
    People just love to give their opinion when they are give the chance. When you have a new design or graphic that your just not quite sure about, why not bring your friends and fans in to get their input. Post you content and simply ask people to tell you what they think. Add your promotional flyer, ebook cover, website theme or even a Timeline cover/profile. Bring them in with a sense of belonging by taking part in your decision-making. This is also known as the second eye marketing, the second eye can see things you might have missed and might even get amazing ideas for your next project!

  15. Looking For Help, Who Is Better Than Your Followers
  16. Asking For HelpHave an upcoming project that you could perhaps do with some help on, perhaps your need help with graphics, a copywriter, proofreader, or perhaps simply somebody to be a second eye on your project. You will be amazed at the number of people, companies that are out their who will be more than happy to offer their support or services, BUT if you don’t ask, they wont know. Your Fans know you and the methodology behind your work/concept and generally are always more than happy to help in return for a cross promoting plugs and marketing. Lets Get Sharing Again
    Help Button

  17. You Need & Want To Know Your Fans, Your Customers.
  18. Find Out What Makes Your Fans Tick What Makes Them Respond To Posts etc???
    Why not post a status that will encourage your fans to show their preferred methods, ideas, plans, ideas etc. Whilst you were having your 11 O’Clock cuppa this morning, did you hear any of the latest gossip that you think would make a great post or encourage your views to become interactive with the points that were raised. Okay, you didn’t hear this from me, but I heard whilst chatting in reception this morning that the Reality TV shows were loosing viewer numbers. So, obviously without even realizing I had done it, I’m on my IPhone creating the next status update to learn more about my fans and followers.
    Reality TV
    Or perhaps create an online poll, that will be of interest to all your fans/friends and and learn about them through a poll.
    Facebook Polls

  19. Involve Your Friends/Fans In A Debate
  20. Set up a fairly simple debate, put the cat amongst the pigeons as it were. With this kind of thing, we love to take a few of the major brands and pit them against each other, set the question of who might be best and why. People just love to get involved in these kinds of debate and best of all they LOVE to defend their opinion. One of the best that we created was simply, who is the best table OS software brand, Apple, Microsoft or Google.

    There is no reason why you cant also keep this niche orientated. This can all depend on your brand and how you would like to tutor your audience.

  21. To “Share” something that you know audience can feel.
  22. Monday Morning Post-Its
    Being sure to Share or Post something that you know all your followers/fans will be able to associate with, but will also encourage them to respond and comment or share your post. With this we like to encourage our followers to respond by simply posting an image that will perhaps tug a little at the heart string.

    Welcome Home

  23. Spark Of A Discusion
  24. integrate-google-analytics-with-thesisA great way of doing this is to simply being into the post some form of results analyzable data. Everybody uses this kind data to review and maintain their online presence, so what would be wrong with getting other to share their views/experience. By its natural nature this kind of data can be reviewed from so many angles that post are pretty much endless. There are so many views to take into account, you could even take one or more of the responces you receive and create more posts from those.

  25. Is Your Work Publishable, (e-books, graphics, design, etc).
  26. Promoting Latest WorkIf your work is publishable, what is to stop you posting a preview or extract from the material and gain a followers view and input. We are online and book publishers, so we are never short of graphics or extracts that we can post with our statuses. Simply do a screen shot of your work, upload final product, copy and paste an extract from any text material. Promote the work that you have and do.

  27. Post extracts from your latest Blog Posts.
  28. While using a main post image is one way:

    Another is to capture a screenshot with blog title and post excerpt. This is great for post that do not come with a main blog image – but do make sure the Title is catchy enough to make up for the graphic-loss.

  29. Brand Everything You Post & Share
  30. It goes without saying that you should branded all visual content you post with either your page name or website link. Your top requirement with any marketing to be sure that everyone knows the source of your material. Especially if it goes viral, the branding will ensure that everyone knows the source and where they may be able to locate more examples like it.

  31. Supply Information Concerning Your Market Area With Screen Shots.
  32. Followers, fans and friends will respond far more to your posts if your feed has most of the latest information. Needing to stay at the top of the information ladder can be pretty difficult, so screenshot and share, get the post out there as quick as you can.
    Create the virtual appearance of fast moving high pass posting, ensuring that people do watch out for your posts and upcoming events information.

  33. Supply Your Fans With Images That Contain Information
  34. By posting info graphics, you are encouraging your audience to interact with the info-graphic, asking questions, posting responses, sharing with their fans and gaining further responses. Try to raise a few questions from the infographic; pinpoint a few important facts to raise awareness and suspense for full view. Give reasons for the people to interact with your post.

  35. To Disclose Surprising Stats, Results or Findings
  36. It can be a graph, pie chart, or survey results in any form. Not only you can invite more people to share THEIR results (and thus, improve the engagement rate), people are inclined to share your findings based on real examples.

    19 To Announce Events or a Brand Makeover

    Webinars, Twitter Chats, training events – make them known! Make full use of that Timeline Page of yours.

  37. Branding & Fans Inputs

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