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Control Your Privacy On Facebook To Suit You
Facebook Privacy

Over the years Facebook and its cavalier approach towards privacy and profit, seemingly a less community based concept has received some fierce opposition. It is highly agreed that they should seriously consider submitting and conversing their changes rather than forcing them upon their members.
The biggest question this outrage brings to mind here, is perhaps simply why are people crying out when they agree/give permission to have their details in such a public domain. Somehow we all know the boss, the friend, the admirer are going to see those photos/details that you would prefer them not too.

{Check out remove tags might help… }
I for one, know that my daughter should have never seen this picture…

Allan Nelson Falls Victim
Not Me - 🙂

Why are people so surprised??
We all know through history that there is no way to 100% safeguard your Facebook information and photos!
100% privacy can be ensured in information & photos is to simply not post them in the first place. However the good news is that whilst 99.9% of people may dislike the Facebook changes, Facebook do provide tools & settings that you can play round with in order to make your Facebook presence far more controlled & perhaps even restricting the other view your stuff.
Here we have put together just 3 ways in which you can modify your Facebook privacy, please do feel free to add more on in the comments if you know of more settings. After all, spreading the word is teaching knowledge & knowledge is power to the end user.

Tips & Tricks

Editing Facebook Privacy Setting
Editing Facebook Privacy Setting
Changing Facebook Privacy Settings To Your Advantage
Facebook Privacy Options

1. If you want to use but don’t want the world to know:

Select the “Privacy Settings” from the drop menu to the right of the Home menu on the top right of the Facebook screen. Within the next screen that appears, activate the Friends radio button in the middle of the screen. This now means that only friends you have added will see your content. It is worth pointing out at this point, nobody will be able add you as a friends as they won’t be able to find you, it is up to you to add them. At this point, you can now go even further & modify the various settings within the settings that you are creating, a good place to start might be, “How To Connect —- Edit Settings”.

Editing & Creating Friends Lists On Facebook
Friends List

2. Want to be seen by some friends but not all:

Well even that is possible now; all you need to do is “Work those friends’ lists”. In basic what we do here is to simply put certain friends in certain Categories/Lists that you create, i.e. Family, Work, Footie, and Pub. This way you will be sure that your friends down at the local football club won’t give you stick for saying something “nerdy” to your little sister or your girlfriend.
In the next screen that comes up, click on the “create list”, in the new dialogue box, simply give this list a name, in our case we have used “Football team”. In the box below add the friends that you want in the list simply by typing out their name and their Facebook friends connection should appear in a drop down list as shown in this illustration. Click “Create” and repeat until you have the desired number of lists with the correct people in the those lists.

Creating A New Private Friends List On Facebook
Private Friends List

Advanced Setting In Facebook Privacy Options
Public Privacy Settings

3. Remove tags full stop, only you see any tags that are posted:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, did somebody really just tag you in that picture!!! Opps a picture that your really not happy about. Most people don’t learn this lesson until it is too late and the tags have been made, so if you want more privacy, you really need to do this as soon as possible.
This is easy to solve, it’s almost the same as number 1 above but aimed more at the public rather than just friends, simply open your “privacy settings” page again. Ensure that the “public options” is selected & then go into the “How to connect” & “Profile & Tagging” options pages.

Child Protection Special Note

Just making these very few changes will enable you to make full use of the privacy settings and protect your online privacy. A special note of these kind of settings might also need to be added to any the profile settings of any children’s Facebook pages. We all know that our children are not meant to be able to have a Facebook page, but latest figures show that over 78% of child members have faked their age details in order to access Facebook. As a parent it is our responsibility to protect all children.

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