5 Great Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

5 Great Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

5 Great Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

5 Great Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

Okay, your running a small business and whilst you may have the basics of Social Media worked out: your tweet frequently, you created a venue within Foursquare and you’re Facebook page is doing fantastic with plenty of engagement. How do you now keep all that attention focused on your small business and move up to the next level of Social Marketing Mastery???

Well here we have just a few small can’t-miss tips for upping your Twitter game and profile.

Twitter Light Bulb Moment Don’t Schedule and Split
As many of you know by now, we can schedule our tweets, enabling us to play our promotions and marketing in advance. We all know there are so many Social Media Management Tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck that have the scheduling fuctions built into them, perfect functionality for any small business. However recently it has been noticed that a lot scheduled tweets are getting forgotten and those who control the schedules are not Engaging with potential customer and clients. It is imperative that any responses or feedback that your business receives via a scheduled tweet must be acted upon, customer do not like to be ignored. The follow-up is perhaps even more important that the original tweet.

Twitter is just the same as any Social Media network, engagement and responding is the “key factor”. Using Social Media Management tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck is all well and good, you have complete control and don’t have a create 140 character tweets in seconds to promote your product/service on the spot. But if you don’t act in a responsible manner and check your systems for new responces on a regular, perhaps even hourly basis, you WILL LOOSE CUSTOMERS. It is very widely know that twitter is a fast moving Social platform and therefore the Customers & Clients using it generally have a short attention span, so it is pretty imperative to respond as soon as possible.

Twitter Light Bulb Moment Sitting within the Stream
As with most things in life and most certainly within Social Media, it is important for you as a business to ensure you are up to speed with all the latest trends that allow you to build streams around terminology and phrases within your industry or business. Through knowing all the latest phrases in your industry you already have all the latest news coming into you and have your ear to the ground to notice new trends and updates before many other will, especially your competitors.

Through Social Media Management software such as Hootsuite, you can create your own stream of incoming specific hashtag comments, giving you a constant stream of the latest information whenever your hashtaged word is mentioned. As the owner of that twitter account, you will be able to respond and engage your twitter followers before your competitors. If you company produces fliers or printed materials for other small businesses, you might want to create a stream dedicated to “#business cards” or “#business post cards”.

Twitter Light Bulb Moment Don’t Rely on Your Handle
Whilst having tweeters and followers that mention your Twitter within their tweets is all well and good, (“@yourhandle”), giving you instant access to customers that mention you directly, but what happens if your only listening out for your handle, you could be missing out on so many other customers because they may mention your business by name rather than by your handle.

A solution? Enhance Your Listening Skills and Techniques.

Topsy.com is still a pretty small website with some awesome features. Allowing users to do real-time searches in the social web circles,”. Through doing daily or regular searches for your company’s name and perhaps narrowing the search results to just tweets to see who is talking about your company but not @-mentioning you. You can even create saved searches for some of the key terms and common permutations of your company name, such as “Bearded Dragons As Pets” and “Beardies As pets.

Twitter Light Bulb Moment Don’t Be a Social Egomaniac

We will know by now that it is imperative to create not only a business persona with your Social Media customer base, but how many of us actually go one step further and create a personal relationship/persona with our customers. Customer’s will interact far more if you are not just all about special offers and discounts. Allowing your Social Media customers to see the fact you are actually human is not a bad thing, it shows you pay attention to customers and specially attention to their details.
However, you need to find the balance that is correct for your customer base, the last thing you want to be is seen as a “twitter spammer”, you will get far better results with a steady flow of tweets or replies rather that a constant torrent of them. A general rule of thumb here is simply tweet around four or five times per day, ensuring that a couple of these tweets will direct your followers to your web site. Find a suitable time to send out your tweets, if you own a restaurant, would you want to tweet your followers 8am during breakfast or would it be more logical to tweet them between 11.30am until perhaps 13.30pm when they are thinking about what their plans are for the evening. Finding a relevant time slot to schedule your tweets will bring in far better results for your efforts.

Twitter Light Bulb Moment Staying on Track

No matter how big or small your business is, you will somehow be investing in Social Media, it is imperative that you ensure your investment, regardless of time or financial, is reaping some form of rewards or financial gain. This is perhaps more important for small businesses as they dont have the resources or knowledge to dedicate to the complex task of analytic’s.

Free tools are available to make that task just a bit easier.

One very popular service for this Bitly, this allows you create shorter links to your web site or any other links you wish to promote. However what fewer people realise is that bitly has a basic analtic’s platform as well. Once you have created your account and created your shortened Bitly link, (bitmarks). To see how many followers/customers have clicked the link that you promoted, simply paste the URL with a ‘+’ at the end into your Internet browser address bar to see up-to-date metrics.

Keeping the theme on Being Social

What other advanced Twitter tips have you learned from running a small business?

Feel free to Share them in the comments below.

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  1. I am always looking for great tips. Thank you for sharing these 5 little pointers that mean a lot.

  2. Good tips–they even apply to FB Thanks!

  3. Great tips for us all! Thank you Modern Marketing World.

  4. Thanks I really need to get more active on Twitter. Thanks for the info. This may just be the push I need to get going.

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