6 Updated Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook Edgerank6 Updated Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

1. Include a graphic or photo to each post.
Following a high profile study where 1.3 million posts were tracked and analyzed from the 10,000 most-Liked Facebook Pages, and they found that photos work best on Facebook. (It is called “Face”book after all.)
Text and video get the next highest level of engagement.
Keeping in mind that, engagement takes your content to a far longer audience and therefore increases the shelf life in your News Feed, and thus, more eyeballs and attention.
Image Inclusive Status

2. Post at the right time of day.
A recently published study where it was discovered a 20% higher rate of fan/customer engagement on posts that are published in the mornings and evenings.
This study found that content posted later on in the day, got more likes and shares – peaking around 8 PM.
The link shortening/tracking company bit.ly claims that the most optimal posting times are 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, with Wednesday at 3:00 PM being the optimal time (to post a link).
Of course, you do have your own Pages Insights that wil help you to determine when your best time is to interact with your Fans and how these fans are reacting to them.
Take for example, if your target audience is business owners or business staff, you may not want to post during the normal working day hours.
Consider the “decay” factor – the longer a post is up the more it decays and the less likely it is to be seen. Optimize your posting schedule to get the most engagement.

3. Encourage Interaction.
Ask your Fans questions, but keep the answers real simple so that your fans don’t actually have to think about their answers.
Think about what your Fans may be doing while they are checking their Facebook feeds – sitting on the tube, waiting for coffee at lunch, having a sneak check whilst at work.
Make the question absurdly easy for your Fans to interact with your statement.
Questions that work:
Fill in the blank – “My favorite childhood memory was when____________.”
Like if you agree!
Comment if you disagree!
Share please!
Yes or No questions
Facebook Questions
You can always test and measure your Facebook Insights to see if posts with a call to action get more engagement.

4. Think outside the working week.
Post during the evening or over the weekend, when there is less traffic on Facebook.
Keeping in mind however that less traffic also means that your Fans engagement may be lower, so you need to measure the success, track and improve the quality of your posts. Rinse and repeat.

5. Be relevant.
People go on Facebook to see what the world is talking about. They go on Facebook to have fun, to interact with friends and family – all in real time.
Our entire Facebook News Feed this past weekend was filled with statuses about the new football season starting. 3 out of 5 posts were in some way referencing the national teams!
Make sure to keep your pulse on what people are interested in, talking about and thinking about – insert your commentary or ask people for theirs.
Topical posts include holidays, current events, fun/weird facts and items of interest to your online community (National Grandparents Day, etc.)

6. When in doubt, post a graphic.
Graphics featuring inspirational quotes are fantastic for injecting some energy into a stale Facebook Page.
You can find them on Pinterest, or share what others have found and posted to their Facebook Pages.

Inspirational Posts Graphic

What tricks do you use to conquer EdgeRank and show up in your Fans’ News Feeds? Anything to share? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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