7 Top Twitter Profile Pages Tips

Twitter Business Profile Pages7 Top Twitter Profile Pages Tips

With the new functions built into the twitter system, Twitter Profiles now bring far more functional methods to increase engagement across devices and drive your business goals.

Every day, your customers visit various Twitter Profile Pages to connect with the businesses and high street brands that are of interest them. Your Business & Personal Profile Page’s are completely public — any users can view it without having to join or logging into Twitter. This is therefore a revenue stream that is used instantly engage visitors, branding your Twitter Profile Page with evocative images and feature of your most important content prominently will encourage customers to buy, re-tweet, comment and ultimately promote your business for you.

Business Twitter Profiles

Customize your profile page

1. Custom Header image: What is the first thing you want your customers to see, showcasing your brand/products prominently to focus the attention of anybody who visits your profile page visitors. Twitter has a selection of images ready for you to use or you can upload your own custom created image, simply, visit the design tab within your Twitter account settings page and the design tab. (For optimal viewing across all devices, headers should fit dimensions 1252px X 626px).

Twitter Design Page

2. Your Profile background: Creating a content rich experience with an engaging background image that tells your brand story, keeping in mind that a background image does not have to be plain. These image’s can be left aligned, centered or even right aligned — giving you far more options and control, hence therefore a far more predictive placement of creative elements. (JPG, PNG, or GIF file, up to 800kb):

Example Of Good Twitter Backgrounds

3. Featured Pinned Tweet: Always highlight your most customer engaging and important content on your Twitter Profile Page. Select any one of your most popular and engaging Tweets to pin to the top of your Twitter Profile timeline. If your highlighted Tweet contains a hyperlink to a video or photo from a partner provider*, it will can/expand automatically to show that media within the timeline.

Pinned Tweets On Time Line

4. Mobile devices: Always think about your customers that are mobile Twitter Users, good practice’s will update their header image and profile photo on the go straight from your mobile device. These images you upload will be automatically re-sized and manipulated to fit the viewing screen of the relevant mobile device. Mobile users will always see a visual identity for you and your brand across mobile platforms.

Interactive Mobile mArketing

Download the Profile Page one-sheet for detailed image specifications and more tips for optimizing your profile page on Twitter.

Deliver results with your profile page

5. Always communicate with even more users: In addition to the normal Twitter hash-tags, you can use your Twitter username in most other marketing activities to encourage your users to a richer brand/personal experience on your Twitter Profile Page.

6. Offer business exclusive content: Twitter users love special offers! Promote your business specials with a tweet to attract attention. A Tweet on your Twitter Profile Page with your exclusive products/content such as product launches, breaking news or promotions to deliver relevant, real-time messaging.

Specials On Twitter

7. Refresh your page frequently: As with most Social Networks, Twitter users also enjoy new content. Updating your Twitter Profile Page with new all your Promoted Tweets and new header images keeps your Twitter messaging fresh and to keep users engaged in your page.

Keeping Twitter Fresh

Twitter Marketing Promotions

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