Adding A Christmas Count Down To Your Web Page & Blog

Adding A Christmas Count Down To Your Web Page & Blog

Just had to quickly share this with all our Blogging and Webdesign friends.
If you are anything like me, you have been to busy to even give this a thought and now it is almost to late. Dont have time to do all the coding, create all the images needed to create your own Christmas Countdown. Well, I can confirm, exactly what you need is right here, install and have it up and running within minutes, no messing with coding, its almost even plug n play as they say.

Okay, so perhaps you have more time than we do on your hands, the good news is that Jinglebelle Christmas Web Master even has a section on her page that will talk you through creating your very own custom Christmas Countdown. Check it out here.
Adding A Christmas Count Down To your Web Page & Blogg

12 thoughts on “Adding A Christmas Count Down To Your Web Page & Blog”

  1. Too cute! I’ll be adding this to my personal blog! Thanks!

  2. Very cute…I think I may add this to my website!

  3. I was stuck for a moment… I couldn’t see how to access the code but, I eventually saw the word “HERE” was where to click. Thanks for that! I just may use it!

  4. As if I need to be reminded. Cute idea though.

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