External Facebook & Social Media Platform Search Options

Advanced Search Options For Facebook

Advanced Search Options For Facebook

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I am amazed that Facebook does not have their own built in Advanced Search options or page. There are as many of you will know Apps that claim to do the job, but who really wants to add more apps when we might not use them frequently. I know for certain I frequently want to do an advanced search within the Facebook platform in order to locate what I might be looking for, well we may have just found a great little trick that you can use in order to pin point your results far better.

And the best part is, you don’t even need to logged in to any of your Social Networks platforms.

In basic we are going to simply use the big search engine boys, like Google, Bing and Yahoo to search within the Facebook platform.

External Facebook & Social Media Platform Search OptionsFirstly quickly pop over to, let say Google and for this example we will search for local business in “Your Local Area”. So set the search criteria, type in “Your Local City” Businesses, (replacing Your Local City with an actual city near you). In order to search only the Facebook platform type in site:facebook.com after the word businesses. Press enter or click the search icon and you should have a page of local businesses that are all within your set search parameters. Similar to the image below.

Google and Bing Facebook Search

Whilst we hope that you have found this little rather useful, we are hoping that you may have spotted the extra functionality within the snippet of code that we can all utilise. Ah, yes you can make really make this code work for you and your business. By simply replacing the platform name with another, perhaps Pinterest, LinkedIn or even Twitter. As you can see below when we used Twitter.

Google Twitter Search Option

We have also tested this snippet of code so that searches only one particular web site. Again simply replace the Platform name with the name of your required website.

Below are a few of the codes that we tested by adding onto our search criteria:


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