Vine glitch frustrates stop-motion animators

By Karissa Bell


It’s not just you; the Vine app on iOS is having some issues.

A glitch is preventing users from uploading stop motion-style videos to the Vine app, though Android users appear to be unaffected

This is the second major issue Twitter’s six-second video service has had in as many days. Embedded Vine posts were causing Chrome to crash on Wednesday, an issue that was later resolved.

It’s not clear how long users have been experiencing the stop-motion issue, but some users have been reporting problems since the app update last week

Since the last update #Vine (Tue) I can not make any stop motion video on my iPhone5S. Does anyone else have this problem?

— FJBaldus (@koelnkomm) …

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Vine embeds were crashing Chrome across the web (but it’s OK now)

By Lance Ulanoff


Update (5:17 PM ET): Vine reports that the bug has has been fixed. Vine searches on now work and embeds appear to be working, as well.


It’s not you, it’s them: Embedded Vine videos are crashing your Chrome browser.

As of 4:40 p.m. ET, Mashable has discovered — and other users are reporting on Twitter — that any webpages with embedded Vines (those six-second videos you know and love) are leading the Chrome browser to refuse to load the page and throw up an “Aww, snap” page instead.

The problem may be even more widespread. When we tried to search the word “Vine” on itself, we got the same error page, indicating that Twitter itself cannot successfully load embedded Vines in Chrome. (Twitter owns Vine.) …

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Top 25 viral Tumblr blogs of 2014

By Laura Vitto


Tumblr in 2014 was full of art, social activism and many, many GIFs of Taylor Swift

The pop star’s personal Tumblr page, beloved among the hoards of blog-dwelling teens, was just one of the top 25 most viral blogs of the year

From laughably silly to heartbreakingly serious, these are the top (unranked) blogs people followed most this year, according to Tumblr

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Capture the beauty of bends in this week’s photo challenge

By Megan Ranney


The world is filled with curves and bends, whether it’s the natural fall of a shadow across the snow or the delicate arch of an icy doorway.

For this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge Guest Series, we’re partnering with HP to challenge you to capture creative “bends” — be they turns in a snowy road in the distance or the strange tilt of a tree growing toward the sun.

Photographer …

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Aliens in the valley: The complete and chaotic history of Reddit

By Seth Fiegerman


For months leading up to his resignation, Yishan Wong looked beat down. Employees say he was noticeably stressed and no longer enjoying his work. One business associate who stopped by the office in October thought Yishan was just having a bad day, but the bad day never seemed to end.

Running any company is stressful; running …

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