Business Branding In 2013

Branding Your Business In 2013

Brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. As described by Brand

But the real question is, what does Branding mean to smaller and medium sized businesses.

Brand is simply a fancy word for experience

To those of us who do not have a million pound budget or don’t spend our days sitting in a nice flush office with a river view, we know that reality says Brand has nothing to do with the way something looks or the way it feels. Regardless of business size your brand will speak volumes!!! Because your Brand will demonstrate your knowledge and experience within your chosen field. Your Brand is the story you tell, the concept you have to build your business. Put in simple terms as long as we stand behind our businesses and what they stand for, your Brand will take your business to place you never knew existed.

However, thousands of businesses fail for a simple issue, they find the idea of putting their Brand to work for them a rather daunting task and under estimate the effects this will have in the growth of any business. Once businesses understand the power of the Brand, they are able to define the business far better.

Business Branding IconDefine Why
It goes without saying that you have to be able to define WHY your business exists. Defining this is actually easier than most people realise, WHY do you wake up every morning with a spring in your step and a great smile as you arrive at your business premises. Creating the action of where your business is and where it is going will provide your definition. Simply stated the WHY your business exists is connected directly to the VALUE you have placed within the business and the Value it gives back to you.

Business Branding IconBusiness Passions
Your business Brand will grow naturally with the more passion and love you show with it, when customers and clients see the passion you have in your business the Brand will naturally expand through those customers/clients who see it. Throughout your business life you will enter into various emotional states through highs and lows, so it is imperative that you always show the passion. Highlight the LOVE you have for what you are doing. Any truly talented business person enjoys their time in building the business, if the idea of spending a day within your business is simply daunting, don’t try to build a business with it. Passion to a business is very different to a passion of making money. Your Brand should shine with passion.

Business Branding IconWhat Is Your Business
Ask yourself, “What am I really offering?”– What you offer is how your brand stands on it’s own. You might be a collage artist, or a textile designer but I don’t think what you are really offering is collage art or textiles–I think what you are REALLY offering is a rich history because you are an expert in your medium and I think you are offering a connection to the story of why you create. If you are a kids t-shirt company I think you are offering a place for kids imagination to be inspired. What are you really offering through your work?

Business Branding IconWhat Business
Narrow your niche and dig deep– Pick that ONE creative idea you could work on everyday for the next twenty years. I promise you that there is plenty of direction in that one idea. When you choose your niche don’t be afraid to really nit pick and define EXACTLY what that is and how it will look. Then learn everything there is to know about your industry–find out what already exists, decide what angle you want to offer, and become the expert! Being an expert in your niche is branding at it’s best.

Business Branding IconSolve A Customers Problem
Solve a problem– Unique simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Your business idea and products might be the most unique thing in the market today and I still guarantee someone else is already doing it. It’s inevitable–but that’s ok! We are not going to focus on unique– instead we are going to focus on solutions. This is what successful brands do, they solve a problem their consumers already struggle with. (Whether they know it or not!)

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.
Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below

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