Pinterest Business Page

Claim Your Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest Business Page

Claim Your Pinterest Business Page

In a move that is now seriously long over due from the creators of Pinterest, anybody with or creating an account can now, Convert Their Basic Pinterest Page To A Business Page. Whilst this is great for most of us, we should point out that this brings with it a new set of Pinterest Business Terms & Conditions.

So, what is new about having a Pinterest Business page, we hear you say. Well in all honesty, not a great deal, but it shows and highlights your professionalism in everything you do to your customers and highlights your knowledge of Online Marketing to those in the know. There are three basic changes to a Pinterest account once it is converted into a business page. Below we will show you how to firstly convert your page and then how to leverage the three new tools at your disposal as a Pinterest Business page.

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesClaim Your Pinterest Business Page Today – Now
Firstly you will need to logged into your basic Pinterest page or account. Once you are logged in, simple click the image link to the right and in the opening page, simply click the Convert Your Existing Account button.Pinterest Business Page Registration
Pinterest will now take you onto the Pinterest For Business Profile Page. It will have already carried through any information that you had submitted previously, but will also add a few new option/text boxes for you to complete.Check the page over, complete any empty text boxes and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Have a read through the terms and Condition and then place your tick in the tick box to confirm acceptance followed by clicking the Convert Account button.
Well that is it, you have now converted you basic Pinterest Account to a Pinterest Business account. Honestly how hard was that???

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesWebsite Verification
If you don’t do anything else with Pinterest today, please just do this.
This is perhaps one of the most important options now available, whilst working on Pinterest training materials over the last few weeks, I would guess that perhaps only One in Ten Pinterest page owners have taken the three minutes that it takes to verify their website ownership. I simply can not stress how important this is again, because it reflects on your professionalism. We have even seen pages just like this one with tips and tricks that have informed their readers about the option, yet have not done it themselves.
Varified Pinterest Website Link Ticked
As you can see above, once you have verified your website address, Pinterest add the URL with a nice check mark or tick as we call it in the UK. Making your page look far more professional and making your web address stand out. The first thing you are going to need is and FTP program to upload a file supplied by Pinterest. If you do not have an FTP program, perhaps it is time to quickly contact your website designer or host service provider. This process takes no more than two minutes and anybody worth their weight would do this for free for you. If you can not do FTP yourself, simply skip this step, but do ensure somebody does this for you as soon as possible.
FTP DreamweaverSo lets look at getting your Pinterest account verified.
Firstly open your FTP program, as you can see by the image our program is build into our Web Design Software called Dreamweaver. Once that is open, you are going to need to download a file from your Pinterest account, as long as you are still logged you you should find this here or within your profile page, which you can locate by clicking the link in the top right of your Pinterest page, you will then need to click the Edit Profile.

By scrolling down your page, you will see the option to add your web address.
Confirm Website Address Through Pinterest
Once you have added your web address, simply click the Verify Website button, at which point you will taken to the Download Verification Page. In order to confirm your website address you will need to click the download button and simply follow the on screen instructions.
Verify Website Link1, Download The Verification File
2, Upload The Page To The Root Directory Of Your Website
3, Return to the Pinterest page and Click here to complete the process link.
4, Check the updated text in the link you clicked to confirm that your verification was successful.
If you now pop over to your Pinterest Homepage, you should see that your Business Website Address is not only displayed but it also verified.

Pinterest Board widget
Pinterest Icon For Post Pages
Now that is the basics of your Business Pinterest page now complete, however with the launch of the new Business system, Pinterest have also introduced a few new features as we will quickly cover below.

The first new service or function they are offering and perhaps the most important to you as a Business, is the new Profile Widget for Pinterest. This is simply a widget that will display your Latest Pins in a iframe on your site, complete with links back to your Pinterest Business Profile. As always when using Widgets and Coding, cauion should be tken here to ensure that things dont go wrong and your main website appears how you want it. If you are uncertain, call in somebody who does have the knowhow.
Website Pinterest Profile Widget

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesPinterest Follow Buttons
Next we have the Follow Button, although not a new concept, fairly new for the Pinterest Business pages. Simply put a Pinterest button that you can ad to any section of your website to promote your Pinterest page and create new Followers from within your website. These just like above can be found of this link
Pinterest Follow Me Button Widget

Pinterest Icon For Post Pages
Finally we have the section that we cant actually very much about, not because we are hiding it or don’t want you to know, but because Pinterest are actually anything new pretty hush hush and behind closed doors. There are currently loads of rumors that Pinterest is working on something even larger than the introduction of Pinterest Business pages, through my logic, the only real thing that could be any bigger would some form of Analytic’s platform for monitoring your Pinterest activity and content or perhaps even a scheduling system. But until Pinterest goes public with the real news, I guess we are all tuck with old faithful Pingraphy.

Well that wraps up this little tutorial and guide, as always we would love to receive and hear your feed back, please do feel free to make comments below.

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  1. Hi guys, Ken Williams Photography so please you spotted that – so many companies don’t seem to be picking up on that – perhaps follow the instructions/download the file and then contact the canned site company – you could e-mail them the file and ask them to upload – it is honestly only a 2 second job for a techie – 🙂

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