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Online Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and therefore needs to be viewed as a long term commitment. Our team provide constant optimisation services which truly engage with all our clients, continuing the evolving factor ensured your long term marketing goals to sustain long term web traffic that will increase your brand awareness with Internet inquiries and potential business for our clients. In order to continually ensure a web site’s top ranking and successful marketing strategy, its performance and functionality have to be continually monitored and re-evaluated. Through its Internet Consultancy services Virtualnet Marketing ensures the long term success of its clients’ web sites.

Whether or not you already have a web site with us, Modern Marketing World provides wide Internet Consultancy services to international businesses.
Our Internet Consultancy services include:

  • Site wide Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Company Web Site Audit
  • Content Based Google Adwords Campaign Audit
  • Production of a printed monthly statistical Web Site Visitor Report
  • In-depth Analysis of Web Site Visitor Report
  • Advise and guidance on maximising Internet Traffic
  • Guidance on various appropriate software systems to maximize client/customer procurement and retention.
  • Follow up Consultancy Visits where appropriate/required.
  • Our Website Consultancy service simply take the form of regular Website Consultancy meetings with our clients. In the Website Consultancy we will evaluate all of the current performance of the your web site/s, suggesting methods and ideas of improvement in order to obtain higher attraction rates and more traffic from the Internet combined with methods of converting curious surfers into buying customers.

    Please contact us today to discuss the future of your web site.

    Taking Social Media Outside The BoxSocial Media Consultancy

    YOUR business situation in Social Media is unique.
    YOUR needs with Social Media marketing are unique.
    You really want answers to YOUR Social Media marketing questions.

    Are You Uncertain How Or Where To Start With Your Social Media?
    Have You Tried Social Media Marketing, But It Is Not What You Expected?

    Welcome to the Modern Marketing World Social Media Consultation Service!
    Social Media can be a mine field of information and systems, therefore there is no pre-designed service or package. What your business needs is our completely undivided attention to your Social Media and online plans and a viable solution that is completely customized just for your business and staff. At Modern Marketing World, this is exactly what you will get!

    We will do a complete evaluation of your current web presence, social media marketing, website, blog, and staff/customer interaction etc. Once our completed review we will complete a one to one call and e-mailed report detailing our suggestions and recommendations to suit your businesses needs.

    Your Completed Consultation includes
    A full and detailed evaluation of your current web presence: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc
    Up to 1 hour phone conference consultation where you are able to ask any of your questions and we will provide you with full feedback and recommendations tailored to your specific business needs. To save you time, we will follow this up with an indepth E-Mail report detailing our recommendations in writing as well.

    The best news is that right now, all of the above will only cost £125.00, all inclusive.
    Please do contact us today to discuss the future of your Social Media Marketing campaign.

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