Cree Unveils Cheaper, More Efficient LED Lighting

By Lance Ulanoff


LED lighting is about to get a whole lot better.

In case you haven’t heard, the clock is ticking on incandescent lighting technology. The U.S. is no longer importing or manufacturing traditional light bulbs and most stores are busy selling out remaining stock piles. Many people have switched to fluorescent lighting, though questions about disposing the trace amounts of mercury in them have raised some concerns.

A likely champion is LED lighting. A standard 60-watt-style bulb from Cree Inc. consumes just 9.5 watts and can last for 25 years. Unlike an incandescent, which typically burns out after roughly 1,000 hours, an LED will continue to work after its rated time, though it may start to dim. So far, we haven’t had LED lighting in homes long enough to test these claims. …

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