Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network

It appears no matter where we look or even try to hid, Social Media is the big trend and looks to be so for quite some time to come yet. The question is are your Social Media Marketing Foundations set correctly.

Google has now been trying its hat into the Social Media world for a while now, but it appears that with Google+ they may have finally cracked it. Lets have a quick look under the hood of Google+ and see what there is that you can build into your Marketing plans for the future of 2013.

Google+, the undated and shiny SM platform.
Obviously the best place to start would be to look at basic profile and feed page for the Google+ account holder.
Although the layout may appear a little complicated, like any other system once you get used to moving around it, it is just like the rest of them. Never be put of by something that might look complicated or new, in the Modern Marketing World, we have to look at new concepts and ideas to ensure we keep ahead of the latest trends. The general concept behind Google+ is perhaps a mix up of all the rest, Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and perhaps even Youtube to name a few. When the powers at be from Google launched Google+ it appears their primary aim was place a foothold in the areas that the likes of Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even Twitter and Quora has missed out on and move the concept of Social Media forward.

Google+ Search Engine Optimization
As we all know, Google are the big boys when it comes down to our Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), would that therefore note mean that having your Social Media connected directly in to Google would have a positive effect on your SEO rankings. As your can expect, Google took this into account when they launched Google+ and is constantly making changes to their algorithms in order to incorporate Google+ profiles and content.

  • Having trimmed the analytic’s, you have more information on your +1’d connections and how they have shared your content in Google+
  • Google adds “Authorship” tags to syndicated posts and allows users to follow specific authors and list your content for their +1’s. (author tagging)
  • Meaning quite simply that if you want to be taken serious in your Social Media and Marketing plans, you need to have a Google+ profile.

    Google+ Apps
    Just like any other online marketing platform, Google is spending a vast budget on the future of Google+ and Profiles to be built into their Google apps for the mobile market. Google knows that the future is in the mobile apps market and are building on their platform to incorporate the functionality.

    Google+ Bring Google Rebranding
    We all know how Google likes to purchase smaller up and coming trending companies in order to build into the Google brand. It appears however that Google are now going one step further and actually re-branding products within the Google portfolio to actually be re-branded into the Google+ model/brand.

    All the risks for Google???
    Obviously Google is placing a lot eggs in the basket of Google+, especially following the issues raised when the launched Google Wave and were seriously burned when further issues of security and privacy problems. It became very apparent quickly the Google Wave was not what we were expecting turned out to be a flop in the Google branding history.

    But this raises questions:

  • Is or will Google+ be going the same way???
  • Why should you trust Google+???
  • Is Google+ just another “Time Warp” factor to add into the equation???
    The point here is quite simple, regardless of what we think of Google and it’s history in the Social Media market, it now has its foothold within the SM market since the launch of Google+ and appears to currently still be a new shiny toy for those who need to be in the know to play around with and help Google beta test. We all know that Google+ has now been playing around with their platform for the last few years in order to improve, but less know facts fact are that various functionality feature within the brand have already gone the way of Google Wave. Brands such as Plurk, Diaspora and Referral Key have already gone that way and turned out to be a flop yet again. Is this a factor we need to keep in mind when making a choice with Google+???

    Whilst Google+ may now have that foothold in the Social Media market, it still appears to have creases within its systems that might need a little more attention, whilst we put aside their previous issues, breaches and dead products. We are building a basic SM platform within their group of products simply as a testing bed and planning to see where it goes over the coming months. Being perhaps a little more stable and widely used now, we think it time for us to test the waters and see where it takes us.

    Why not follow us over the coming months on our journey with Google+ and looking at all the Tips and Tricks we learn and share along the way. Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side of Google+ with any luck.

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    8 thoughts on “Empowering Your Google+ Social Media Network”

    1. Still trying to get used to G+. It just doesn’t grab me, PLUS… I have about 5 different Gmail accounts and now I have a G+ account for all of them! THAT is really confusing. Unlike Facebook where you set up one FB account, G+ automatically makes you have one for every Gmail account. I don’t understand how to merge them all or which one I should use. 🙁

    2. I use google+ for the hangout feature which is better then skype.

    3. Great read but Google+ is pretty bland for SEO. It doesn’t help increase your klout score or provide you with new followers for your business. 9 times out of 10 you end of regurgitating the same information from your website, to the same followers, on Google+

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