Evaluating Your Facebook Page Checklist

Evaluating Your Facebook Page

Evaluating Your Facebook Page Checklist

Evaluating Your Facebook Page

So many of us put so much work into Facebook and Social Media Marketing, but have you ever wondered if your Fanpage or Profile is actually working for you and perhaps more importantly, is it working for your business. Just like our Social Media Diary we have a check list that we go through with all our pages on a monthly basis in order to review the pages effectiveness and marketing potential.

Why not have a quick review of your Fanpage to ensure our reaching your maximum market potential.

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointBasic Facebook Fanpage Check List

1, Is your business website URL being promoted on your your Front page within the About Us Section?
2, Have you promoted all of your other Social Media Platforms within the in-depth About Us section?
3, Graphics: Is your Cover Image well designed, self explanatory and most important following recent Facebook actions, does it follow their guidelines? Follow this link to review the Facebook Cover image guidelines if you are not sure.
4, Cover Image Description: A very highly under used function of many Fanpage Cover images, does your over image contain a good description, a solid description of the image content, links, calls to action?
5, Profile images: Does your profile clearly reflect your brand, your service or your product?
6, We all know by now there are always three main App Thumbnails displayed on your main page. The question is, do the Thumbnails have a good description/call to action and do the labels actually promote what the App is all about?
7, “talking about this” numbers. A quick and simple method of maths to calculate how productive your Fanpage engagement is to simple Divide the number “talking about this” by the total number of “Likes” your Fanpage has. A productive and engaging Fanpage will have around a two/three percent ratio, if your percentage is below this, perhaps it is time to review your content.
8, Content Management:

  • Is your content relevant to your fan base?
  • What kind of content is Fanpage sharing?
  • Does your content bring any value to your fan base?
  • Is your content speaking directly to your fan base?
  • Are you following the 70-20-10 Rules
  • 70-20-10 Rules

    9, Exclusive content:

  • Is the content you are offering to your Fanpage friends something that they cant get somewhere else?
  • If they can get it else where, what makes your so special?
  • Are you offering a free eBook?
  • Is your content industry specific advice and tips?
  • Frequently updated entertaining content?
  • 10, Business Branding:
    Your Facebook page may be the first time your fans come across you or your brand so always keep the following in mind.

  • What does your brand say about the users who like your Page?
  • What does your branding say about your business?
  • 11, Commenting:

  • Are you engaging in response to with your Facebook fans?
  • You should always be actively “Liking” the comments and be“responding” to any questions/comments.

    As always we would love to hear your feedback and responses concerning our tips on Evaluating Your Facebook Page. Don’t forget to throw into the mix any of your tips.

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    1. Great tips! I’ll be doing a definite once over with these tips! Thanks Modern Marketing World!

    2. This looks great! I’ve seen a few articles I wish to read already. Nice to meet you, even if I am a month late via Chat Marketing Fanpage Friday November!

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