Facebook-Insights-Dec 2012

Facebook Fun Infographics About Modern Marketing World

Once in a while, it is simply nice to take a break, we all work so hard within the Social Media circles. We took a break and created a fun Infographic to display our latest Insights on one of our main Facebook pages. Who really needs Data Sheets and Indepth Spread sheets, wouldn’t we all love to review our insights in this manner.

As a special bonus to all of our regulars, we are offering the same Inforgraphic for your Fanpage free of charge for the next 7 Days. Contact us here straight away and get your Insights Infographic free. Normal Cost £24.99

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Facebook-Insights-Dec 2012

15 thoughts on “Facebook Fun Infographics About Modern Marketing World”

  1. Thanks for that Christopher Bayes, Tascha Stith it is a very dumbed down version of the insights, one of the guys here was bored and created an API to create it and make the Insights a bit of fun – beats a spreadsheet – 🙂

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