Facebook Gift Service

Facebook Gift System Coming Soon…

Facebook Gift ServiceFacebook Gift System Coming Soon…

Ever had one of those days, where a family members or a friends birthday pops up on your reminder system and your say there thinks “Nuts, knew i had forgotten something, where can i get them a card at such short notice.”

NO need to worry any longer… Facebook Gifts is here.

Well if we are all honest, we have all been there and seen this situation, so to help us out, (so they think), Facebook is planning to launch a system whereby you can send various gifts to your friends for pretty much most occasions directly through your Timeline. The new system is curetnly running on a few limited accounts as from Thursday and the rest of us will see it coming over the next few months.

Facebook Gift Service Screen Shot

It is failrly well known that Facebook tried this service several years back, but ended up shelving it due to a lack of use by registered Facebook users. However it appears they now believe that this is the time to put life back into the system and roll it out again, although general consensus belives this could simply be yet another method of Facebook looking to raise revenue.

Facebook Gift Tabs

So how will it work, we hear you saying?
The moment arises and you recall or reminded that it is someone’s special occasion. Facebook has the solution, simply pop over to your friends Timeline, you will notice that there is a “Gift” icon on their post dialogue box. Simply click that icon and follow the on screen instructions.

Facebook is attempting to bring together a number of businesses allowing them to add their products to the built in options. These include, gifts of your favorite Media Barista a Starbucks gift card with the click of a button or send flowers to your mum for Mother’s Day. Right now you can buy Starbucks gift cards and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, to name two.
Simply click the “gift” link and choose your required gift, attaching a message, (it is believed the message can be private or shared on the persons Timeline).
Facebook Gift OptionsFacebook have implied that the payment system for this will be via a simple one click method, so we are expecting it be through either Paypal or the Facebook online credits system.
According to general reviews this service is only currently available via the Facebook web site or Android mobile devices, hopefully Iphone and Ipad systems wont be too far away.

It has also been rumored that even after you have sent and paid for the gift, your friend the recipient is able to make adjustments to the order, so if they would prefer if different colour or size, they are able to make those changes prior to receiving their gift.

Personally, I think Facebook may actually be onto something here. What do you think??? Will you be using their new system???

Thank you for reading, leave your comments below to let us know what you think.

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