Facebook in six days.

Well we’ve had a few days off working on our Facebook courseware Manual, whilst we have been working on smaller projects.

Planning to spend the rest of this week completing the second book in our sixth book series on mastering Facebook. Within the first book are our primary objective is simply to give the Facebook user the tools and knowledge to simply set up their Facebook Timeline/account using best Practise methods whilst maximising the Facebook platform settings.

Book one so far covers the following:

Book One – Creating a personal timeline

  • Is Facebook right for you
  • Your first Facebook account
  • Changing Facebook account settings
  • The Facebook interface guide
  • Finding further professional help
  • Book one questions and answers review

Booked two consists of the following chapters

Book 2:- Connecting With Other Facebookers

  • Creating Your Facebook Appearance
  • Creating Posts & Sharing Content
  • Sharing On Facebook With Pictures
  • Sharing Video’s On Facebook
  • Interacting With Groups, Places and Fan Pages
  • Taking Facebook Mobile
  • Tracking Connected & Facebook Events
  • Creating Private Conversations
  • Facebook Games With Friends
  • Social Networking Professionally
  • Keeping Control Of Connections
  • Book two questions and answers review

Hopefully today a more southerly get the guys working on the book cover as long as nobody objects I could be posting them online and request some feedback from our regular followers.

Well I’m guessing sitting here chatting with you guys is not going to get the work done so we best get cracking. Look forward to catching up with you all later on.

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