Facebook Negative Feedback, What The???

Facebook Negative Feedback, What The???

Having spent a great deal of time researching this after finding that our Facebook connections were able to give negative feedback with respect to any of your posts.

Most of us will know that Facebook Insights gives us a great deal of information with regard to our Fans/Customers viewing habits. We have the chance to work out what our supports like and how they respond to our posts. The contents with Insights content items such as: the post, the reach of the post, the number of engaged users, how many people were talking about this and the post’s virality.

When you click on the engaged users link, a pop up window will provide you with a break down of how your viewers have responded to your content. Whilst we don’t get a complete breakdown of every mouse click/hover, if does provide us with useful statistical data. Maybe your viewers, “like” the picture, watched the Video, “shared” your status or picture.

If you click on engaged users, it gives you a breakdown of how people were engaged with your content. Perhaps they watched the video, viewed the photo, clicked on something, created their own update from your post etc. You could also perhaps see ‘negative feedback’ that your post may have received. According to Facebook Negative feedback is defined as “People who hid your post or gave it negative feedback in their news feed”.

Unless you have modified your privacy settings on Facebook, your status updates, pictures, videos etc will show up on the wall, (sorry Timeline), of all you Facebook friends and connections. Those Friends/Fans and connections all have the option within their Timeline to “hide” the status update, report it as “spam” or perhaps even “hide” all status updates from your Facebook Page. If any of your friends/fans or connections decide to report it, it will be considered by Facebook as “negative feedback”.

Having played around with a number of different posts and spoken to some of our friends who watch out for our updates, we have found that the “negative feedback” system, actually has very little impact on your Timeline, as only you and the person creating that “negative feedback” know it exists. The only fundamental response to anything negative is to attempt to work out why you received it. Following our reviews, we found that it could have been any number of things, posting to often, talking about other pages to much, it could have even been simply worded wrong. There are so many things that could cause this action. We have chosen not to allow it affect our actions to much, unless it happens to often at which point we would suggest looking deeper into your Facebook Insight and trying to find a pattern for the response.

Nobody should allow these negative feedback points within Insight to distract them from their efforts or hard work. Just use it to guide you in your Facebook Content planning in the future!

On A Personal Note: Here is my response.

If you like to know how to look into the insights file in much deeper method. Check out this page.

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