How to Create Your Business Facebook Fan Page in 5 Simple Steps

How to Create Your Business Facebook Fan Page in 5 Simple Steps

How to Create Your Business Facebook Fan Page in 5 Simple Steps

How to Create Your Business Facebook Fan Page in 5 Simple Steps

Ah, for the days of old, where people stopped in the street and actually spoke to each other, your customers stopped by because they knew who and what your business was about…

Okay history lesson over, we all know those days are now seriously in the past. Just the same as Facebook, used to be a Social Media site, not any more, and not only Facebook. Facebook and so many other Social Media Platforms are no longer a business toy to play around with when you get the time, they are now essential to all your incoming marketing strategies. One of the most challenging problems this is going to cause most business owners, is simply the fact that Facebook will continue to expand and move their goal posts, the biggest of which was the creation of the infamous Facebook Timeline, and then there are the minor changes and updates that in the end we all have to embrace one way or another.
So many business owners all make the same kind of mistake, browsing through Facebook and trying to work out where the best place to start would be for there business. Trying to work out what information to put on their Timeline, how to get it up and running in the quickest possible time and creating their sales leads. Perhaps the worst of all, how to make their Facebook Timeline and Profile appear like a social media guru. Well this post is going to blow all the rules out the water,

because when you first start there cant be any rules, you have to to do what feels right for you and your business. Just like any new skill or technique, it is all about learning good practice methods.

Through the following post, we are simply going to help you break the Facebook complications and turn it into 5 Simple, Easy To Follow guidelines, giving you the confidence to know that you have set up your page, your way, just like and other novice or pro would do.

Before we start, we have set of tools/templates that you can download for free that will come in pretty handy when setting up your Timeline Graphics. Download Your Free Copy Here.Free Tools Download

So lets not mess around any further.

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointChoose a Classification

It obviously goes without saying that you need to connect with Facebook and get started. Click the link below in order to open your first Fan page.

Once the page has opened, you will be given the option to chose any one of six classifications for your Fan Page, Tip: Pick the most relevant classification to suit your business.
Classification On Facebook Fan Pages
Local business or place
Artist, band, or public figure
Company, organization, or institution
Brand or product
Cause of community

We honestly can not advise you enough how important it is that you select a business relative classification for your business as this will help you gain better ranking for more relevant searches and provide better business focused fields for you to complete later on.

Once you have your classification selected, simply choose the correct category for your business and complete your Business Name. If you have selected the Business option, which we are guessing you will have done, you will now be prompted for more information with regard to your location information. You should keep in mind that the information you provide here currently can not be changed once you have created your page. The simple action of a keystroke error and misspelling the business name will result in you having to start again.

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointComplete Basic Information

Upload Photo and Images – The download we did at the beginning might come in handy now.

Facebook will now in basic walk you through the rest of the process a step at a time, the first thing it will currently ask you for is your main Profile image, this is normally a Logo or a strong brand image that your customers can associate with. This is also the picture that will appear as your profile icon, when ever you post something on Facebook this picture will appear next to your post in the relevant News feeds.

Facebook set a size maximum for this image as 180×180, (template included in the download at that size).

Facebook Profile Icon

About Section
The next stage in the Facebook Fan page creation system is to the “About” section. This is simply a small paragraph of information relevant to your business, many businesses use this section to provide relevant contact information for their business, giving your potential customers, quick and easy to contact you. This could be, the business location, business contact telephone numbers and e-mail, to mention a few of the more popular. Other businesses may choose to a brief blurb providing a description of their business. This is completely up to you which type of information you put in this section. The important thing here is to be sure the information makes you stand out from your competitors. Another point that you might want to keep in mind regardless what information you put in the About section is that you really want to keep the text within box and not have it following into another page. Test your content if possible. Below is an illustration of both versions.

Facebook About Sections

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointUsing Your Facebook Admin Panel

Pretty sure you will have worked this out but your Admin Panel within Facebook is where you can manage your Business Fan Page. Within here are various features and options in order to help you maximise your page content, whilst monitoring your page. Here we are going to only cover the basics, but will return a dedicated advance options post at a later date.
Facebook Admin Panel
Edit Page

You will notice in the top right of the Admin Panel is the Edit Page button, this provides various options. The first of which “Update info” gives you access to the basic information that you submitted when you created your Fan Page. You will also notice there is actually more information/text boxes that you are able to complete. There is the description box, which is in basic an extended version of the ‘About’ information you entered earlier. The extra details that you input here, is not viasable on your Facebook Fan Page unless your customers click the “About Us” link. This is where you can really provide a complete and in depth description of the business.

Another good function that we always advise businesses to use is the function of having Fan Page Administrators. These Administrators, could simply be friends, employees from your business. The reason we always suggest using this function is simply because if you somehow loose access to your account, you have the back up of your administrators. The last thing you want in six months time is to loose the entire Fan Page and all the work you have put into it. This also allows you have other people responding to comments and posts from customers. Allowing you to focus on far more important business matters, without having actually given complete power of your Fan page. There are several other option within the “Edit Page” section such as managing your page notifications and page permissions, we will come back to these another time, once you are happy with your Fan Page content.

You can also manage the roles of your page administrators. This allows you to invite various employees from your business to be administrators on your Facebook page in order to respond to comments or messages specific to their function, without giving them complete power over your page. The other options under ‘Edit Page’ allow you to manage your notifications and add page permissions.

Build Audience

Okay, this is where we want you to stop and think for a moment, we don’t want you to make the same mistake that so many other business marketers make. Whilst you may now be proud of the fact you have your first Fan Page created, lets not go over board and start shouting from the roof tops and telling the world about it just yet. Before we start telling the world, we need you to start adding some content and branding information. Once you have some basic content there ready to attract your customers to your Fan Page, you can shout from the roof tops all you like. You will need the content there first to ensure that your potential customers will be able to engage with you, be more interested in your Fan Page in order to create more of a social buzz about it. Content is the Queen of your Fan Page whilst Engagement is the tool of Kings in Social Media

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointFacebook Cover Picture ExamplesCover Photo

When Facebook introduced the Timeline system , it brought with it several new marketing functions. Perhaps one of the best of these from a marketing perspective was the Cover Photo. This Cover Photo is space that you own, your own Virtual Real Estate as it has become known. You can place almost any picture you like to promote your your business, how ever Facebook has rules here that you need to follow, (view Facebook Cover Photo rules here). Once again you will find a template size file in the download that you did earlier, Facebook requires and image with dimensions of 851×315, once you have created or obtained your image simply add it to your Timeline. Keep in mind whilst creating and having the image created, you want something that will appeal to your customer/client base.

Custom Tabs

At this current time, this section may not all that important to you, as you need to understand and create/use advanced features that are refered to within the Facebook community as Apps. These Apps will at a later date create further areas for your marketing content and enable you to interact further with your customers. We will cover this section on Tabs and Apps again at a later date.

Currently Facebook allows you to have 12 tabs on your page, (this has been know to change). As you can see in the image below, it would appear that you can only customise the first 4, however there are in fact 12 there, but Facebook hides the other 4 in order to keep all pages familiar to all Facebook users. Once again Facebook currently has certain rules concerning these tabs. A few of them can not be removed from your Fan Page. These include the Photo’s tab and the Likes tab. You may rearrange the order of them, but not remove them from your Fan Page navigation system. As mentioned we will return later to have a look in further detail at Apps that you can use.
Facebook TabsPosts

Posts are simply how you are going to start engaging with your potential customer base. However, you are going to need to give this some though before you start adding Posts to your page. This is simply because you are going have to try to figure out what will engage your customers the best. In time, you will have a better idea of this, but at the moment it is going to be down to your knowledge of your customers. You might want to use Images, Special Offers, Promotions, Links, Questions or Even Quotes, the list is in fact endless. The important thing is to base the content around your business and potential engagement.
Creating Facebook PostsPerhaps asking yourself a few questions might help before you post anything.

1, What kind of images would your audience like to see?
2, What stats and information would they like to read?
3, What type of links would they like to click?

You can also click the little star to the upper right of any post to highlight it horizontally across your entire page. Not only will this make it look like you have a cover photo on your actual timeline of posts, but it will highlight the page as a milestone in your company history. Use this feature for product announcements, business anniversaries, and other major events pertinent to your brand.


Whilst it is great to have a good looking Fan Page, this is only the start of your new adventure, you will have noticed us mention the word engagement quite frequently, this is perhaps the Golden Nugget of Social Media. This is simply because if you are not monitoring and engaging with your customers through your Fan Page, your customers will get bored and go to another Fan page where there is more engagment and perhaps even fun. You can monitor all of the activities of your Fan Page within your Admin Panel, at the top of the page. The Admin Panel is split in to several sections, giving you quick and easy access. In the upper right corner you have perhaps the most important section to your business, While having a gorgeous Facebook page is awesome, you want to ensure you’re monitoring how fans are interacting with it. To the upper right of your Admin panel, you’ll see all the private messages users are sending to your page. In the upper left of the panel shows all the posts that users are liking and commenting on. You will need to keep a close eye on this case you need to engage in conversation with your customers, this will show your customers that you care about them and what they have to say.

Ignoring these Like, Comment and Post updates is going to loose you customers.

Facebook Admin Notification and Messages Panels

Facebook Like Button Bullet PointMeasure Your Efforts
Facebook Insights PanelWell, you now the basic concepts of creating and monitoring your new Facebook Fan Page. Now we need to have brief look at the methods of Measuring Your Efforts. By measuring the efforts that you put in, you are able to modify your content and posts to maximise your Marketing Potential. In the lower center section of your Admin Panel is a section that looks at Insights, click the link that states View Insights. At the moment, this will be almost if not completely empty, but this is actually a good time to perhaps familiarise yourself with the various aspects and content. Again we will look in to the Insights section in more detail once your Fan Page has been for a few weeks and there is some real data there to review.

The Good News – That Is Your Facebook Face Page up and running, now you just need to add the correct content…

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