iOS 6 Facebook Guide and Review

iOS 6 Facebook Guide and Review

Originally thought to be part of the iOS 5 update, Facebook in iOS 6 is deeply integrated, making it easier than ever to share photos, websites and more in iOS. You’ll also find it easier to keep your contact and calendar information updated for your friends and family. Learn about all the changes in our iOS 6 Facebook guide.

Easier To Share
You spend a good amount of your time on the web using your iPhone and iPad. It’s easier than every than ever to share great websites to your wall, all directly within Safari on iOS. Let’s say that you’ve found a great how-to guide here on everythingiCafe and want to share it with your friends. At the bottom of your browser window, you’ll see a small arrow icon on the menu bar. Tapping on the arrow brings up an assortment of options for sharing, reading and more. In iOS 6, you can click on the Facebook icon.

This brings up a nifty ‘card’ with the site you are sharing attached by a paper click. You can type a message to attach to the new share. “Check out this awesome iPhone website. It completely rocks.” You’ll note two additional options when sharing. You can add your location, if relevant. In order to do so, you’ll have to allow Facebook to to utilize GPS and crowd-sourced WiFi to share your approximate position. This is located in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Tapping on the ‘Friends’ icon will allow you to specify the audience to receive this shared website.

When you select post, this is what it will appear like on your Facebook wall.

This will share the link on your wall and note that it was ‘shared via iOS’.

The same process applies to sharing photos. Browse your images in your Photos app, tap on the image you’d like to share and then select the arrow icon – this time it will appear at the bottom left. Select the ‘Facebook’ icon which renders the card, type your message and share.

You can also update your Facebook status from the Notifications window. Slide your finger from the top of the screen to bring up Notifications. From there, you’ll see a Facebook icon. Tap on it, type your message and select ‘Post’.

Like Apps and Music
Apple’s shortly lived social music service Ping will shutter it’s doors at the end of September, so how are you going to tell your friends about that great song or album you’ve heard. With the iTunes app, that familiar arrow icon now appears at the top right, bring up the ability to share on Facebook. When you tap to share, it will provide the the name of the album, artist and cover art. You can also append the message if you’d like and this is what it will look like on your wall. Clicking on the link will bring up the song in iTunes.

Similarly, the process is the same for sharing apps, but using the App Store app. This is a great way to share apps on Facebook.

Contacts & Calendar App Integration With Facebook
If you are struggling to keep up with friends changing phone numbers, email addresses or physical address, than you might find feature helpful. Contacts will contact Facebook and update relevant information. Should a friend change their phone number, it will now be reflected within your ‘Contacts’ app. No more struggling to maintain your your Contacts database. As long as your friends and family update their information on Facebook, it will be updated on your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.

If you delve into a contact and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see ‘Linked Contacts’ information and this will indicate if information is being pulled from Facebook to your unified contact. If for some reason you do not want to use information from Facebook, swipe to the right to reveal an option to ‘Unlink’.

There are some not so great benefits to the new Facebook integration with Contacts, depending upon how you define friends within Facebook. If you browse to Settings > Facebook, there is an option at the bottom to ‘Update All Contacts’. Here’s the definition of what happens:

Photos and user names are automatically updated for Facebook friends. Choose “Update All Contacts” to temporarily provide Facebook with email addresses and phone numbers from your contacts to update photos and user names for mall matching contacts.

This can be somewhat confusing. It does update information for contacts, but it also adds contacts. So if you’ve got that high school girlfriend or boyfriend as a Facebook friend, it might not be such a great idea for the future of your current relationship to bring all that information onto your phone. “Why do you have Sherry’s phone number on your iPhone?”

Never Forget An Event Or A Birthday
Events in Facebook are synced with the Calendars app on your iPhone and iPad. The event will show up in Calendar with a small Facebook icon. Tapping on the event brings up a wealth of information, should it be available. Someone had incorrectly invited me to a high school reunion for 1967, which is about 18 years off, but we’ll use it for our demonstration.

You can tap on any of the invitees and add them to your Contacts. Hey, I remember Tux Man Bob – I’d tap on Create New Contact to add him.

The integration of Facebook within iOS was a long time coming, but it’s finally here with iOS 6. Sure there are some great free apps for Facebook, but up until iOS 6 the social networking giant lacked true integration. Depending on your love or despise of Facebook, there is something here for everyone. You can go all in and maximize the data exchange between Facebook and your iPhone, or simply use it as an easier way to share what you love with your friends and family.

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