LinkedIn Profile Part Two To Do Post It Note

LinkedIn Accounts For Beginners – Part Two…

LinkedIn Accounts For Beginners

LinkedIn Accounts For Beginners – Part Two…

Okay so following on from our post concerning LinkedIn accounts for beginners Part One, we are now moving onto Part Two. If you have not reviewed part one, please do so as a lot of what follows will perhaps make little sense. The link is above.

LinkedIn Profile Part Two To Do Post It NoteWell it obviously goes without saying that we now need log into our LinkedIn accounts in oder to continue, so lets get logged in, click here to to open a LinkedIn log in page. When you first log in you will be taken to your standard LinkedIn page. We need to actually update our profile, so you will need to clikc on a further to links to ensure that we are following the correct page. Firstly across the top of the page you will see a Profile drop down menu, from there select Profile-> Edit Profile, then you will see a link/button in your main profile window prompting you to Improve Your Profile, we should now both be looking at exactly the same page.

So lets get cracking on building that LinkedIn Profile.

Building On Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Bullet PointDo you know any other languages?
Its a pretty straight forward question, simply select the option that suits you best.
YesIf you select yes, you will be prompted to to add the details of each extra language that you can speak. As you add the first one, (do not click save), you will notice the + Add another language under the text box. Click that link to add any other languages that you may speak. A quick note here, don’t blag your followers in this section. If you are not proficient and able to use these languages in an employable situation, don’t add them. You will only come unstuck later on.
NoIf you select this option, you will simply be taken to the next section/question.

LinkedIn Bullet PointHow would you summarize yourself and your objectives?
When responding to this section, you really should spend a good amount of time on it, simply because this is going to be your main sales pitch to either customers/potential employer or clients. We can not emphasis enough just how important this section will be. We would also suggest if you feel uncomfortable writing about yourself, perhaps consider getting a professional to do it for you. Feel free to drop us a line and we can recommend a few companies that will do this for you at a very reasonable price.
If you are going to complete this section, personally I would get yourself a fresh brew and spend plenty of time on it.

LinkedIn Bullet PointDo you have any work samples or projects you’d like to showcase on your profile?
Just like the previous section, this is an area where you can really bring you profile to life and show off any projects or recommendations that you have received. Whilst you can add a large amount of content, it is actually advisable to keep it short and sweet. Don’t over do it, you don’t want to come across as a smart know it all. Promote mainly any highly successful projects and recommendation. So many people here create promotional content to every project they ever created and in reality your customer, client or potential employer is going to get bored and move on. Perhaps spend a little time with a notepad and pen here, creating a list and description of 2 or 3 samples that you wish to add to the list, starting with the most important first.
1, Like most people you will click Yes here, once you have done so, simply create a name for the most important project that you wish to tell people about. Try to ensure that the title reflects what the project was about, keep it relevant and precise. Once you have your title click the save button.
2, The next prompt will ask for details of the respective dates for your project, complete the start and finish dates of the project. If your project is on going, you will see a tick box just under the dates boxes, select that and click save.
3, The following section prompts, normally throw people for a few minutes as they try to figure it out. This prompt, is actually taking the details you submitted in Part One concerning the skills and employment that you stated, therefore requesting if the project your promoting has any connection to the skills or employment you previously submitted. Yo might need to focus quite sharply on this section to ensure you highlight only the relevant skills and details, you are currently only able to select one option. Select the skill set or employment details that you wish to have connected to this project and click save.
4, You will now be prompted for a link or an URL to your project if it is available. Pretty straight forward really, simply add the URL or link that would show more details of the project you have added. Try to use the copy and paste method rather than typing the URL in a spelling mistakes in a URL will not reflect well on your attention to detail or typing skills. Click Save or Skip depending what suits the project best.
5, Once again LinkedIn will prompt your for more information concerning your project, at this point your are putting another sales pitch forward, but you need to keep it short, sweet and directly to the point. People bore quite quickly when doing research on LinkedIn, perhaps two medium sized paragraphs would be enough here. Keeping in mind, if they want to know more, you have submitted the link and stated which skill set or employer it is connected to, they already have a good idea of the project content. Once you have done this click Save.
6, Now is perhaps a good time to start thinking potential connections you might already have on LinkedIn as the LinkedIn prompt is now asking for the details of up to 10 other people that also worked on the project with you. When considering the people or connections you add here, you should also keep in mind their Profile page and perhaps any reflection that it may have on your profile. Choose you connections carefully, simply create a list of the relevant people, separating each name with a coma. Once you have completed your list, click save.
The final prompt for this section is requesting information for any further projects or samples you might want to add, simply rinse and repeat the above 6 step process. We would suggest however that you only add two or three projects/samples.
No Simply click the Skip button and move onto the next section

LinkedIn Bullet PointWhat courses have you taken?
This next section is going to focus on your education and awards history.
Starting with perhaps the most recent first, select the relevant educational establishment that you previously added back in Part One.
1, Add the name of the first qualification or award that you would like to list. Personally, we added the most relevant to our current situation first, therefore making them prominent in your list of achievements. If your award or qualification was based on a national curriculum board of study, there should have been details of the couse number that is nationally recognized and know, add that number to the Course number (optional) text box.
2, If you completed more than one award or qualification, click the + Add another course under the text box.
3, Repeat and rinse the above points until such time as you have added all the details for that establishment and then move on to the next establishment.

LinkedIn Bullet PointDo you have any publications or published works you’d like to showcase on your profile?
Again, this is a pretty straight forward question, however, caution should be taken when completing this section. If you have published works through a publishing house then this section should not be to much to worry about, however if you are published through Vanity Publishing, (self publishing), perhaps a slight amount of caution should be taken here as you only really want to promote published materials here that have been successful. If possible avoid listing material that have only perhaps sold one or two copies, the more sales that are connected to your publications the better, especially if you have received a few good review’s on your published materials. Keep in mind, Google can find a lot of information if somebody wants to research your materials.
1, Again a pretty straight forward prompt, type in the title of your publication and click save.
2, In the next box, type in the name of the publisher or click the Does not apply button. LinkedIn is looking for known Publishing houses in this section, although should you desire to do so, you can imply that it was self published.
3, LinkedIn will now prompt you for the dates that your materials were published. Add the relevant dates and click save.
4, Through the next prompt boxes you will be asked for the URL to your publication, this would normally be the link to your materials on the publishing house website or perhaps if self published your Amazon link. Once again add links with caution as you don’t want to link to published materials that might have a negative review attached, keep everything positive. Just to be on the safe side, we suggest checking the link manually yourself before you add the link.
5, Just like anything you promote online, you will now be requested for a brief description of the materials content and target audience. If you were published by a publishing house, there should be some blurb on the publishing house website that you might be able to use. If you are self published, consider having some blurb professionally written for your materials and add that into this section and click Save.
6, You will now be prompted for the names of any body that has or did work on this publication with you. Simply add the relevant names, separated by comas. If you this work is all of your own effords, you can select the I worked alone on this publication link just below the text box.
7,Again LinkedIn will now prompt you to add any further publications that you may have, therefore simply rinse and repeat the steps above. As with various other sections that we have covered here, it is perhaps worth noting that you might only want to add two or three publications at the moment. You can always add more as time moves forward.
No. Click the No and move onto the final section below.

LinkedIn Bullet PointShare your profile
Finally you will be promoted to once again Share Your Completed Profile on your Social Media platform of Facebook and Twitter, as mentioned previously, we would suggest changing the suggested text and make it more personal to you and your audience. You can however skip this step, should you wish to preview your completed profile before you publish it to your Social Media circle.

We do hope that you have found this post useful, if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below.

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