LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Guide

LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Guide

Lets be honest here, no matter which Social platform you are using to market yourself or your business, we are always looking for quicker ways to do things and help market our efforts quicker. We all know that LinkedIn can involve more work than most other platforms, simply because it has to remain 100 percent professional, both in content and design. Especial with the new graphical options it is offering to its registered users.

Whilst the Social Media buzz words might be, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform. LinkedIn is seriously throwing its hat into the ring with the big boys. LinkedIn has always seemed to be the under underutilized platform and perhaps simply not taken as seriously as it should have been. Well now is the time for change, now is the time to get into the groove with LinkedIn because now you have a great Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn, showing just a few of the best HIDDEN GEMS from the LinkedIn network. In order to complete most of these tips below, we would suggest that perhaps you log in to your LinkedIn account now to create easy follow through actions and links.

If you are still to make a start on LinkedIn, you would be better off getting your profile set up first, click the following link for our guide to LinkedIn Accounts For Beginners.

LinkedIn Bullet PointClaim Your Personal LinkedIn Vanity Url
LinkedIn Vanity URL Creator
Give your LinkedIn profile the personal or business touch by claiming your Vanity URL. Why have and URL with loads of numbers and digits that nobody is going to recall, claim your Vanity URL and make your URL easy to remember and clean, so it appears something like this – With Vanity URL’s being taken quickly by your competitors you might want to do this sooner rather than later, you don’t want your competitors taking your Vanity URL. In order to create your Vanity URL, click here and select “customize your public profile URL” down on the right-hand side.

LinkedIn Bullet PointCreate a LinkedIn or website profile Badge.
LinkedIn Badges
Through the simple method of copying a little piece of code created by the LinkedIn platform, you are able to promote your profile on your website or within or other network platforms. The badge simply displays a button or text link directly to your LinkedIn profile.
To create your LinkedIn badge simply follow this link and copy the code for the badge that will suit your marketing needs. Depending upon where you want to place your badge, you may want to copy various pieces of coding as you can use as many versions as you like. Lets be frank here, not every marketing platform looks exactly the same.
As an extra tip, you might want to copy this code and paste it into a document that you can access on a regular basis without having to keep floating in and out of LinkedIn.
In order to create your LinkedIn badge, follow this link and copy the code you require to suit your marketing needs.

LinkedIn Bullet PointHighlight and make links within your profile sexier.

By default, the LinkedIn platform allows you to display links to your various online content, whether that is your blog, your website or even your online store. However LinkedIn just like most other platforms use a standard format for anchor links within your profile, but what so many people do not realize is that you can modify the way in which these are displayed. By having sexier looking links on your profile, you could increase the click through rate to your site. LinkedIn also allows you to add keywords to your links to describe the content of your link.
In order to create your custom link designs, simply navigate to your “Edit Your Contact Profile” page, scroll to the bottom of the profile page and select your relevant links to start your editing. In order to get the extra options within this editing section, all of the the links need to set to “Other” as displayed below.
Custom Links In LinkedIn

LinkedIn Bullet PointMake Your LinkedIn Profile SEO friendly.

We all know how important keywords are within our websites, but lets not forget that if a search engine robot can search a page, you need to ensure that the searched page is SEO optimized as best you can. You should have some form of keywords list available for your website or other online content. Spend some time going through your LinkedIn profile and ensure that your keywords are also included anywhere you can place them, person description, employment history details, publications and even within the skills and experience section.

LinkedIn Bullet PointInstalling LinkedIn Applications.

Okay, so lets test your knowledge here. Do LinkedIn support the use of third party applications???
Well, up until rather recently Yes they did, however that is no longer the case. LinkedIn have now taken all the application in-house and simply provide a small selection of apps that they feel will be of use to their target audience. These include to mention a few:

  • My Travel by TripIt
  • Legal Updates by JD Supra
  • Portfolio Display by Behance
  • SlideShare Presentations by SlideShare
  • Lawyer Ratings by LexisNexis
  • WordPress by Automatic
  • Box Files by Box
  • Just like most apps these all come complete with instructions of how to install/activate them within your own LinkedIn profile. Whilst we obvilously can not go into depth with them here, your can review there functionality here.

    LinkedIn Bullet PointRe-organize Your Profile
    Drag And Drop Functions Within LinkedIn Profiles
    The general rule of thumb within LinkedIn is to always have the most recent history and profile information at the top of its relevant section. However if for any reason at all, this is not the logical choice for you, perhaps you are going through a career change or your business is bringing in a product service or range. If this is the scenario for you, then it would make sense to have the most relevant information more prominent rather than more recent. LinkedIn do allow you to do this, once you have create all of your content, you are able to basically drag and drop your content to suit your needs.
    Whilst you are in Edit mode, you will notice a simple grey double headed arrow, click your mouse here and drag your content to where you want it to be displayed.

    LinkedIn Bullet PointUtilise The “Saved Search” facility.

    Now that you have the basics of your profile set up and configured to suit you needs, it is perhaps time to look at some of the LinkedIn functions that could also help boost your profile and its ranking within the LinkedIn platform.
    LinkedIn offers it free account holders the option to create and save up to 3 search functions into your profile. Although this is only available if you complete the advanced search options, through this link you will find the Advanced Search within LinkedIn, complete your first search and submit the search function. At the top of the results page, you will see the Save Search link with a green cross next to it. Just click save, complete the following pop up window to suit your needs and click save.
    When you want to run the search again, open your Saved Searches tab that can always be found within the Advanced Search within LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn Bullet PointGet Yourself Endorsed On LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Endorsements PreviewEarlier this year, LinkedIn launched the function that allows other LinkedIn member to endorse your profile and skills. This works pretty much like a Facebook “Like” but with more emphasis on your skill sets. Once you have received endorsements they will show up on your profile within the Skills And Expertise section. By having these endorsements your profile will get a good boost within the search functions and have added value to anybody who searches your Skill Set. In order to receive endorsements, you normally simply have to ask people you are connected to that either know your ability or are simply happy to provide that endorsement, although asking the question does not always mean that you will receive the endorsement so the more people you are connected to and know your abilities the better.

    Well that is it for today’s post on LinkedIn, don’t forget all comments are always welcome below…

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