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Must Know Tips and Tricks for Twitter

Must Know Tips and Tricks for Twitter

It has been a while since we put together a twitter tips pages with coverage focused on the various apps and tools that you can attach to your twitter account and tweets. Hopefully a few of these will be of use to you all and will help your with your Twitter marketing plans.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentAdvanced Search on Tweetdeck
Tweetdeck is a great little tool that has advance Twitter search options built into it. Whilst many users of Twitter are happy to simple use the advanced twitter search function, if you want seriously advanced search option then tweetdeck could be the answer for you. Efficiently streamlined methods of searching and filtering you results by perhaps, location or excluding various keywords. You can do this by loading up the search bar as you would normally (by selecting ‘add column, then ‘search’), and simply applying you search parameters. You can then save those searches for instant updates.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentMeasure your Twitter campaigns

Optify is one of the better social media monitoring tool’s that has a free product for Twitter, this allows you to measure the success of your Twitter Marketing plans. Whilst the tools offered are similar to those of CoTweet for managing your Twitter account, Optify does however offer a far more in the direction of Twitter analytics tools, analytics is and always will key for any business active on Twitter or any other social media format. We recommend you set up an account on Optify to gain full visibility of your performance on Twitter, as they offer a pretty impressive advanced analytics suite. The tool also allows you to track leads and referral traffic from Twitter, so you have full visibility of the ROI of your activity:

Twitter Light Bulb MomentMonitor your new followers

Tweetdeck has a handy option that not many people use or discover, that allows you to monitor your latest followers. You can find this by adding a new column in Tweetdeck and then select ‘Core’. This will bring up an option on the right called ‘New Followers’. Select this and you’ll have a new column on Tweetdeck that only contains tweets from your newest followers. This is an excellent way of building out your community on Twitter and making sure you’re keeeping track of your new followers. It can be easy to stick to the same people on Twitter and not follow your new followers back, but this helps to ensure you can always find valuable new connections :

Twitter Light Bulb MomentShare Screencasts on Twitter

This is a great way to add different content to your Twitter stream. Screenr is an app that allows you to create screencasts instantly, including the option to add an audio commentary. This screencast can then be shared straight into your social networks, including Twitter. The site is very quick and easy to use and I think it offers a great way for companies to share new content with their users, such as showing them a new section of their site for example. It’s also likely to engage your followers a bit more as they might not be used to seeing this kind of content within Twitter.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentTwitter for Android

Tweetcaster is a very cool app available for Android users. The mobile app allows you to create multiple Twitter accounts that can be managed with the same screen, which is great if you run personal and business profiles. The app has lots of nice functionality to make for an easy Twitter mobile experience, including being able to easily navigate to different user profiles and easy integration of complementary services such as shortening urls, sharing photos and videos. Tweetcaster is also available as an app for the iPhone, though it appears to be getting the most positive reviews across the Android platform, with poor image quality seeming to be an issue for the iPhone version.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentPost images from Flickr

Flick to Twitt is a nice app that allows you to instantly share your photo uploads in Flickr, back to Twitter. This is a useful app as there is a correlation between active Flickr users and Twitter users. Though there are plenty of photo sharing services available through Twitter, such as twitpic or Yfrog, Flick to Twitt offers a simple one-click process to tweet your Flickr uploads instantly. You don’t need to create a separate profile, simply add your Twitter and Flickr logins and you can instantly share links to your photos.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentTwitter SEO Tip

I found this interesting SEO experiment using Twitter Lists, that can be easily replicated across any Twitter account. SEO still applies to Twitter profiles in the same way as any other site and this tip shows you how you can use SEO on Twitter lists to help improve your Google ranking for your chosen keyword. By creating a Twitter list that has your chosen keyword in it, such as you can help your Twitter profile rank for your own name, plus your chosen keyword. Though this will happen naturally as you’re added to Twitter lists, you can help control this by creating your own that contains a keyword you’d like to rank for. When Peter Drew ran the experiment he found the Page Rank steadily improving for the list and despite not promoting it at all, it had a Page Rank of 4 within 2 weeks. Through further optimisation, the term is now appearing in the top 50 results on Google, showing the importance of SEO via different means within Twitter.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentFind deals on Twitter

This Twitter coupon search is a handy tool that allows you to see which deals are currently being shared on Twitter. You can search by keyword or type to see a current Twitter stream of people sharing offers in real-time. What I like about this is that it adds some authority to deals. Though there are plenty of deal aggregator sites, the user experience is often messy, leading to old links or offers that aren’t always legitimate. As this is based on links being shared, there is an element of trust in the results. You can click right next to a result to claim that coupon code.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentBrowse your Twitter friends

This is a very cool site that allows you to easily track connections with other new users and discover new people to follow. To use the app, simply put in your own (or any) Twitter username to bring up your latest connections. You can then click on the avatar for the profiles returned, to instantly see their own latest followers, tracking your connections between the two. By continually clicking and dragging you can build out the connections returned, making it incredibly easy to find new people to follow. Warning: it can get a little addictive.

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  1. You always have some great tips about twitter! This is awesome info!

  2. Very cool tips Modern Marketing World! Thanks! I woke up with some frustration today regarding Twitter. Seems like every time I hit a certain number for an account, I lose 3,000 plus followers! Grrrr!!! I don’t know what that’s about but, I do appreciate some new ideas for that platform. Thanks again!

  3. Awesome tips and I’m using some. Time to implement more.

  4. Great write up! I haven’t used Twitter much since getting into Real Estate but I know it’s a must for drawing new clients and staying relevant in this market place.

  5. Hi Sew, have checked our your blog and tried to e-mail you but it being bounced back to us. Could you message through our inbox and we can chat there.

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  7. Thank you for the compliment, it’s one thing to think we have the knowledge but it is something else to know sharing the knowledge is just as powerful.

  8. Hi again @tracy. I must apologise for spelling your name wrong before. I should know better by now. I have been doing some research as promised and nothing fantastic to report back, however we use this app and it allows us to track followers that disconnect from us. Might be useful –

  9. Thanks Allen, this has been a productive day. First I got some excellent new tips on Facebook and now you are hooking me up with some great insight on Twitter. Cheers

  10. Lol! Thank you Allan… got my name spelled right AND sharing valuable info! 🙂 I’m having a really hard time with that account. It was up to 170k and just now I looked and saw it down to 149k followers. This has happened over a period of 3 days. There’s no way that I should lose that many followers! Not even in a YEAR! I will check out the app and see if it helps at all but, I sure wish I could have someone in the Twitter customer support tell me WTH has happened. Much appreciated.

  11. Fingers crossed this might shed some light n the issue, still awaiting a few responses from questions put out there yet, o could still hear something back 🙂

  12. Sorry to hear that @lori, Twitter can be hard to find the business balance with. You have actually raised a pretty question. Whilst Twitter might be good for one, it might not be for another. Food for thought of a FB questions there.

  13. I love Twitter, but have to admit, I did not know of most of the tools you mention here. Thanks for teaching this old bird a few new tricks!

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