Pinning A Video To Pinterest

Adding Your Videos To Pinterest

We all know how over the 12 months Pinterest has been the one of many buzz words in the social media circuit, but do you know you can add your videos to your Pinterest boards or do you even know how to get the best results from adding your video’s.

So we are going to quickly show you how to add your videos.

In order to do this we have to firstly assume that you have a Pinterest account, if you have not yet created your account. Pop over here and quickly check out the best methods to get you started on Pinterest.

So now that you have your Pinterest account and are logged in, lets get cracking:

Pinterest Icon For Post PagesTo add your Video Pin:

Press the ‘Add +’ button at the top of the page
Select ‘Add a Pin’ from the new pop up window
In a new tab, go to the Video you want to Pin and copy the URL
Enter the URL of the Video into the Pinterest text box
Click the “Find Images” button.
Select one of your ‘Boards’ to Pin it to
Then finally click “Pin It”

29 thoughts on “Adding Your Videos To Pinterest”

  1. Had to try this. So very cool. Love learning new tips and tricks.

  2. Nice tip, got me rethinking about pinterest now. Videos could be used by for Concierge Consultancy. thanks

  3. Ok I got to do something with pinterest, I never saw it as a business site, just a place for me to pin all the shoes, clothes etc that I love…need to rethink this. thanks Modern Marketing World

  4. Need to revive my account over there, too…thank you for the encouragement and great tip, Allan

  5. Thank you for sharing this, great info, didn’t know a video could be added to a Pinterest board.

  6. Thanks for the amazing info yet again. Shared

  7. HI Charlene Faulkner, really do hate to say this, but this is the wrong post and the party is almost over as it is like 5am here, actually think I am the last one here. LOL. But I will copy your over to the event and hopefully there are still a Pinners floating around and will connect up. We currently run run these parties every Thursday, so you can always jump in on the next one. As you kind of missed out a little here, quick tip for you we do have a FB Fanpage party starting in about 6 hours. You can get the heads up on everybody else, (ssshhh), you didn’t hear that from me. lol.

  8. I LOVE Pinteret and tried saving a video some time ago on a whim and was surprised it worked. I love that we can save video there as well!! Thanks for sharing tips!!

  9. Pinterest really has an awesome thing going, especially with the videos. They’ve brought two of the greatest content available online together. Writing Services Online

  10. Nice little prompt there Marcelina Hardy, lol, sneaky, lol. But have to agree with you. Charlene Faulkner. I know the feeling, not even seen the wooden hill tonight, couple more hors n zombie time here – lol –

  11. Funny because I wasn’t trying to be sneaky, but yeah, I guess I was, wasn’t I? LOL… I’m usually not that good about things like that. HA. 🙂

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