Twitter Tips For Beginners

Powerful Twitter Tips For Beginners.

Powerful Twitter Tips For Beginners.
So all your friends are talking about Twitter, Twitter seems to be the latest buzz word within your social circle. So you have created an account, sent a few Tweets and like most people thinking “Well What Now, What Was All The Fuss About“. Well if you really want to find out why Twitter is the buzz word and what makes it so important to so many people, then look really need look beyond the basics, below the surface and work out to make Twitter work for you and perhaps even your Business.

Below are just a few basic rules and tips that might just help you find out why your friends are enjoying their Twitter accounts so much and how to get more from your basic account.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentMake Twitter Count In Your Life

Whilst having a Twitter account is all good, you need to go that one step further, make your Twitter account stand out from the crowd. With an estimate 200 Million active Twitter account, how are you going to make yours account stand out. It is estimated that almost 29% of all active Twitter account actually have either very little or no Bio details completed at all. This means that by simply completing a good Twitter Bio or Profile, you have just surpassed the 29% of user who have not created an interesting Bio. The key is simple, let your followers and followers to know who you are and what you are about. By telling people about yourself, you are inviting those interested in the same things as you in to your personal world.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentShow Your Followers Who You Are

Personally, I am a great fan of all cute animals and love to see group pictures of families having a good time, but these are not exactly the right kind of pictures to use as your Twitter Avatar. We all like to have a rough idea of who we are actually connecting with and who is seeing our Tweets. Would you follow another Twitter user if you thought that your Tweets are only going to be seen by the pet goldfish or hamster. I know its not exactly the kind of appeal I would like to have. Therefore when you add your Twitter avatar, keep in mind that people will use your Avatar as a clue to if you are the kind of person they want to follow. If you saw the Twitter handle for a famous person with the Avatar of somebody you have never seen before, you would instantly assume it is a fake account. Followers like to see some kind of humanity to your Avatar and know their efforts are or opinions will be appreciated. So lets keep the Avatars real and represent yourself.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentKeep It Real

Just because you are not getting the instant response you might have expected through your Twitter account, does no mean there is no point putting in any effort. Anything in life worth while requires a little effort at least, your followers will also know through your Tweets that you might be bored with the Twitter system. By sending out Tweets that are simple one worder’s or contain no interesting facts, your followers will very quickly loose interest and “unfollow” you. Keep your Tweets interesting with good or perhaps funny content.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentWho Are You Following & Who Is Following You

Within no time at all of becoming a registered Twitter user, you will pretty quickly find that the moment you follow somebody or somebody starts to follow you, there will be an “Auto Reply” in your DMs (Direct Messages), box asking you to follow your new followers. Dont be fooled by thinking you have to do this, if the Twitter user has similar interests to you, then by all means follow them, but it is still your personal choice as to who you follow. The Twitter users that use these kinds of methods to gain followers are normally only interested in their Twitter numbers or promoting their Tweets and content. Personally I would consider this is Twitter Spamming.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentGet The Numbers Right

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made by most new users to Twitter is the simple issue of getting their connection numbers all wrong. Most new user place far to much focus on how many people they are actually following, creating as many connections as they can by simply clicking the follow button regardless of the content of the Twitter users account. By increasing the number of Tweeters you are following, you will not gain very many true followers.
If you instead put the same amount of effort into the Tweets that you create and send out into the Twitter network, you will beat the numbers myth. Twitter users know that if your number of Followers is actually higher than your number of Followed users, they will instantly know that your Tweets must have something interesting about them. Therefore, there is a far higher chance they will start to Follow you and your Tweets will reach more people within the network.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentTake Your Time

Twitter is not going anywhere, it has its hold in the Social Media market as one of the big players, therefore there is no need to rush into sending out Tweets in order to build your Twitter profile or numbers. As Twitter is not going anywhere, you have time to build your account with a good solid foundation of followers or perhaps even potential clients.

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. ahhh, gotcha. this is what happens when I’m rushing around trying to do everything at once.

  2. twitter, whats that. love the birdie pic though. JK i know twitter, no idea yet how to use it. thanks Modern Marketing World. <3

  3. Very helpful to those of us who struggles with twitter, thanks Allan Nelson 🙂

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