Profile Style's Of Twitter Users

Profile Styles Of Twitter Users

Profile Styles Of Twitter Users
With the powers behind Twitter having re-established Twitters foothold in the Social Media circuit, we have decided to have a look into the various type of Twitter users and how they handle themselves within the Platform. Personally, I have always to date, never actually used Twitter to its full potential and am perhaps missing out a large market of our networking resource, so perhaps this will be one of my resolutions for 2013, to build on my true knowledge and understanding of the platform. Having said that however, one of the things we do tend to enjoy about using Twitter is the simple fact we know stories will be short and sweet with only 140 characters to use. But true readership as we all know is about those 140 characters count and making them seriously attention grabbing.
As you view the Infographic below, I am pretty sure you will saying to yourself, “ye, I know somebody exactly like that“. If they are stood next to you on the tube or on the other side of the table as your having your evening meal at the restaurant, lets please not say their name out loud. 🙂
I would like to think that personally I fall into either of the last to profile types detailed, but the world is not perfect and perhaps some Twitter users would also place me within the Brand section. Okay I could be hurt or a slightly bruised ego, but in all honesty I don’t mind as long as we are connected and you perhaps enjoy at least one tweet a week or the information provided has been useful, I have completed the task I set out to do, so I am happy once again. Please do be honest when you view this infographic and attempt to work out which profile users you might be, whilst Newbie, Smore and Biatch perhaps carry a certain comical and entertaining factor we do hope that you also have a few friends or connections who help to bring out the true functionality of Twitter and the better person in you.
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Profile Style's Of Twitter Users

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. Not sure but I am probably a Brand and a Newbie.

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