SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

SEO Tips All Small Businesses Need To Know

No matter, where your business is or what business market you are in or even how big your business is, we all know that as business owners and marketeers that is a certain amount of SEO knowledge required just to get your online business seen.

Every year the art of SEO somehow changes, the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo all change the manner in which their service works and as a Business owner it is up to us to try and keep up with these changes. But if you are new to the idea of doing your own SEO marketing there are a few basic rules and tip that you should follow. These basic rules have remained fairly consistent through out the years. Once you have implemented these key point as your foundation for SEO marketing, you are ready to really start putting any new building blocks into place. Therefore creating a easy to follow and far more rewarding Marketing strategy.

SEO Search IconTag and Title Optimisation
Googe and SEO
One of perhaps the most important habits you should really get into from the word go, is to ensure that all your page titles, Urls are Keyword Optimized. We know it all sounds technical and like hard work, but in fact it is not as complicated as it sounds. The basic premise is easy to follow. When creating your page titles, your website URLs and even your content, be sure you use plenty of keywords, words that simply confirm what the page content is or what viewers can expect to find. As search engine algorithms scan your page, they will confirm if the page title, keywords and content all match up. A simple example of this might be you have a website based on dog training, you firstly want the the main URL to reflect the sites content, then you have the page titles and URLs, these should reflect the content of the relevant page, (example, Dog Training will contain keywords relevant to training a dog), finally we have the page content itself, the content should contain as many of your keywords as possible and perhaps even as many times as possible in a constructive manner.
By following the simple path laid out above the search engine algorithms will quickly establish the connections between each function and index your site and pages far better. The main key factor that most website miss here, is to simply create the connection between all the functions.

SEO Search IconContent Is King
Website Content Really Is King
Perhaps one of the most heard of and known terms when it comes down to website Content, (this should be tattooed to every computer in the office), but so many sites seem to miss the main point with their content. Many site owners design their site from their own perspective with content informing the customer in what they “think” their customers want to see or read. However the key to actually mastering this technique is to actually design and build your content from the customers/clients perspective. Create your content as if you are the customer, your content needs to be what they want and not what you want. If your content is centered around what you thing they want, you will instantly loose your engagement factor, customers will leave and go somewhere else.
Good solid content will impact time-on-site, conversion and SEO (not forgetting engaging content is more likely to be shared and linked to).
For a small business, good content will also create a better search engine footprint, as your links are used more often the search engines will register this, therefore creating a larger onsite and offsite footprint.

SEO Search IconEarning Good Content Backlinks
Online Website Backlinking
One of the most frequently asked question we hear is quite simply, What is a backlink and Why does my site need them???.

Our response, It is simply online word of mouth recommendations.
Most site owners seem to be under the impression that online marketing and SEO management is all focused around them telling their customers and clients about their website. Now whilst telling the world about your online business is perfect and the right thing to do, would your task of promoting your businesses be far easier if you could get others to do it for you, get other online systems to recommend your site and promote/advertise links back to your site. As long as your site remains constant and of good quality there are plenty of systems you can take advantage of. With an estimated 70% of your search engine traffic coming from backlinks, this is a method you do not want to miss.

Now comes the statement we simply HATE TO HEAR from business owner “Where can we buy some???”

Honestly, can you imagine the public outcry if you tried to bride the local business community to recommend your business. Buying backlinks is no different, search engines are already clued up to these systems and the effect will impact on your search results in the means of a bad footprint.

Personally, I would much rather have 10 honest recommendations from various good sources than have 100 fake recommendations from Sammy Junior the second hand car sales man around the corner.

Gaining good quality backlings is actually fairly natural and easy as your site becomes established, through your quality content and engagement, your will receive backlinks automatically without even knowing it happening most of the time. As a small business, you need to earn these links and SEO systems consider good content, humour, information, training resources and politics are acceptable methods to gaining backlinks.

SEO Search IconKnowledge of Your Backlinking Profile

Over the recent years there has been a lot of discussion with regard to anchor text in various search engine algorithms, yet currently there appears to be little conclusive support to confirm that anchor text is a dead buried SEO method.
Small businesses really need to know any understand their backlinking profiles, backlinking that appears to have no branding and no substance is see by many search engines as either poor quality or simply manipulated links, (purchased) and will therefore have negatives effects on your SEO marketing strategy.
Commonly seen as positive backlinking methods include receiving backlinks through press releases and within discussion forums, these methods have a positive effect and leave a good clean healthy footprint. Whilst many business owners, especially small business do not like the idea of big brand marketing and certainly seem to try to avoid being compared online with the big brand names. We actually recommend you do encourage backlinks that do compare you with brand names, search engine algorithms actually see this as a positive factor within their results and therefore increase your footprint.

SEO Search IconSEO Community Building

Generally viewed by many as Link Baiting and a highly over used system. Google and other search engine systems actually consider it an acceptable method of SEO marketing, simply because the activity in itself is aimed directly at the end user with an intentionally positive outcome.
There are simply plenty of Link Baiting ideas that you can use to your advantage, the general concept is to promote an activity or event that your community will also want to share and promote. The key factor obviously is to ensure your “Baited” link is shared and promoted in an organic and perfectly natural manner. It obviously goes without saying the key element here has to be the community spirit, you need to have the positive online community spirit to get the link shared and promoted. Without that spirit, the “Baited” link is going to have no impact.
Because you have a positive community spirit within your online presence, you should receive some highly distinguished content marketing, that no SEO Guru could ever provide. Why, because it is truly organic, natural and almost impossible to manipulate with a positive outcome.

SEO Search IconSEO Quality or SEO Quantity???

We have all been there, we have all seen it. No matter of our business background or experiences, there is a 99.9% chance that have received or seen the e-mail promotions offering the world when it comes to inexpensive SEO links. Lets make this point clear, whilst your wallet may think “fantastic, link or content building on the cheap”, your online SEO reputation will take a beating from the search engine systems. Therefore was the investment you just made actually so cheap.
Again we come to to Content is King and Quality is Queen. SEO systems such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc, all want to encourage positive end users experiences, but putting your content and quality on autopilot is not going create the required kind of environment. True quality user experiences can only be obtained through natural and organic content. Automation will not work in the world of SEO Marketing.
By keeping the content and quality of a high standard, your SEO results will be far better. It takes longer to perhaps build the results but any good repution requires effort and perhaps a little hard work, but “It will pay off in the long run”.

As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂

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