6 New Twitter Trick For 2013

Six Of The Latest Twitter Tricks For 2013

Six Of The Latest Twitter Tricks For 2013

Before we have a quick look at some of the newer tricks surfacing on Twitter, just have to take a moment and do my normal 5 minute waffle, but this time I am not going to say anything, in fact I want you to say something.
Can you simply say “Twitter Tricks” 6 times quickly in a row.
😉 Hope that has given you a little morning smile over that fresh brew your having. Don’t worry if you can’t say it, nor can I, in fact I only managed it three times before my tongue got all twisted up. So now we have had a little fun lets get down to some serious stuff:

Six new Twitter Tricks to start implementing as soon as you can, as we all know a planned routine is a good routine so lets start the year as we mean to go on.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentTake Out The Garbage, Remove The Clutter

Maximise Your Re-tweeting PotentialWe all know that with Twitter you only have 140 characters to say what you want to say and get your point across. But if your focus is to maximise those 140 characters and use them all – “Perhaps Your Doing It Wrong” – By using all the character spaces yourself, your followers are then unable to Retweet or share your content. Excessive clutter leaves your follows with only two options, don’t Retweet or edit your original tweet. In all honesty neither option is considered acceptable by your followers or your potential clients.

A little rule of thumb we use and fid pretty useful is to simply do the following: work out the number of characters it would take to Retweet one of your own BLANK Tweets, “RT @MMW: “, including all the characters and spaces this is 9 characters including all the spaces and the colon etc, this therefore means our Twitter rule is of 140 characters has now been reduced down to 131 characters or less. Simple but effective method of increasing possible Retweets.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentSchedule Your Tweets Into Your Diary
Twitter Deck Auto Scheduling
Whilst this is by no means a new Trick to add to your Twitter deck, it still has to be the most important and fundamental. No matter how often we speak to Twitter users, we always hear the same thing, How can we plan “Twitter In Advance”. Whilst everybody seems to be aware of their target audience or customers expectation, getting the Tweeters to see that you need to know your industry inside out, what is happening, what are the latest trends, what are the latest buzz words. By knowing your industry inside out, you can plan in advance because you know more than your customer or client who is awaiting the latest Tweet from you. With this information, you are already tooled up with everything you need to plan your advanced Twitter marketing campaign. Now add into the mix a simple software program such as Hootsweet or Twitterdeck, you now have the complete package, your very own “Twitter Diary”.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentUnderstanding Twitter Action And Terminology

We have all seen it and perhaps even do it, you have used the @reply action when we actually wanted to use the @mention tags.
So lets break the terms and actions down:
@reply When you want to respond to another users tweet, almost in the same way as you would reply to an e-mail or a text message, only on twitter your response needs the @twitterhandle at the beginning of the message followed by your reply.
@mention However is slightly different in the fact you can place the @twitterhandle anywhere within the body of your response. This will then simply become a tweet with the user names Twitter handle highlighted.
By default Twitter will pick up any Tweet that has the @twitterhandle at the beginning and treat it as a reply, therefore they will only be seen by the person that you have replied to and their followers.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentShorten Your URLs
Bit.ly Twitter Link Shortening Softwre
Once again we come back to the 140 (or less rule if you have taken on board the Take Out The Garbage) characters rule, with regard this time to how you add your links. A standard URL can be pretty long, almost to the point perhaps of taking the entire character space of the full Tweet. So it is time for a little common sense, specially if you are planning ahead using software such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you don’t have the constraints of timing or urgency holding you back. There are several software packages that are normally free to register for that simply convert your standard URL in to an shortened version. Software such as bitly or Goo.gl.
Now that you have created a short version of your link, lets not forget to at least tell your followers what the link about and include a good short description so that your followers will know what to expect once they click the link.

Twitter Light Bulb MomentMaximize Your Twitter Search
A highly under used system of searching is the Twitter search tool. Detailed below we have briefly outlined the methods used to get the best results from the Twitter search.

  • How many people can honestly say they have never Googled themselves, so why not Twitter yourself and see what results you find. If you can Twitter yourself, why not go one step further and Twitter search website or blog URL and find out it others are mentioning your page.
  • Just like any other search engine, you can Twitter search for anything. Why not search for activities local to you, perhaps anything in your district. If you search “your city, town” with an activity word afterwards, perhaps “cinema”. Twitter search will return results showing all current tweets concerning cinema” that have happened in “your city, your town”, with the keyword club in them.
  • Find people or subjects that you may enjoy following by searching for keywords that interested you.
  • If you do not want tweets with links add ? -filter:links at the end of your search query.
  • Need more options, use the Advanced Twitter search. Somewhat of a hidden function, click here.
  • Any time you get excellent results click the “Save this search” button to save that search. These searches can then be found under “Saved Searches” on the right-hand part of your profile on the old Twitter interface or under the “Searches” tab next to your timeline on the new Twitter interface.

  • Twitter Light Bulb MomentCreate and use lists
    Having methods of organizing yourself is no different online than it is in the office. Therefore Twitter lists are an excellent system of filtering through the people you follow. allowing to basically like their tweets through a filing system of your own. You may perhaps have a list for Hobbies, or Work or perhaps even further broken down into Sport and then Clubs. Each list will contain the people you have connected up with and placed within the list. To create a list, click the Lists link and then Create a list. After creating a list visit the persons profile page you wish to add and click the list icon, as shown in the picture to the right. Our Social Media masters and The British Masters list’s are example’s of public lists that we created.

    As always we hope you enjoyed our tips and find some of them useful.

    Looking forward to your insights, feedback or questions in the comment section below 🙂

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