Social Networking Infographic

Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

You might have heard of Twitter and Facebook, but what about Foursquare? And LinkedIn? There are more and more social networks being launched every month, and all of them represent an opportunity for you to connect with existing and potential customers.

This infographic examines how people interact with businesses on four of the key networks; Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn. We found that almost half of all people we spoke to connect with brands on Facebook, and that a quarter do so on Twitter. Want to know about the others? See the infographic!

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12 thoughts on “Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic”

  1. Great infographic! It’s almost mind-boggling the amount of people that connect via social media!

  2. as Christopher stated, there are well over 400+ social sites that rank somewhere on the board, but the top ones are the producers (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) although there are some fun ones that are not widely used (Digg, Reddit, Yerdle…). Oh, and I am an Inforgraphic JUNKIE!!!

  3. Hello! thanks for keeping me updated!

  4. Since I’v started to use the Iphone 5 I use foursquare quite a bit. LinkedIn I like as a database of people I’ve met. Instagram is cool if you have a spare moment to fiddle with a picture. Great post!

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