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The Art Of Social Media Questions To Engage With

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The Art Of Social Media Questions To Engage With…

Its Monday morning and your planning out your Social Media campaign ahead of time, and we have all done this, you get to setting out a few question that you want to ask but you’r just not sure if that is the right kind of question or perhaps even what kind of response you can expect from your questions.

We all know that when we get the fantastic formula right, the results can be really engaging and bringing more customers to view your page and products. Engaging customers through social media is the simple result of all your activities brought together in one place, regardless of the activity, questions, pictures, special offers, listening to peoples views. When these are carried out in a productive manner and work for you, the natural result will general appear in the form of likes, comments and sharing to further serve and build your Facebook customers.

Getting this correct does not come from any one form of interaction, as each customer will respond differently to different kinds of posts, sharing, etc. Regardless of your method at that time, the top priority for you as a business has to be to encourage that “Call To Action”. You want your customers to respond and complete the Call To Action regardless of if they know they are doing it or not, for each Call To Action you receive your also receive more exposure and coverage on the Social Media platform.

Is it any surprise that currently Facebook has around 955 million users registered.

Whilst most of our customers understand the basic aspects of Facebook, many of the businesses using Facebook do not seem to understand the power and possible engagement potential through Facebook. Asking questions can be a very powerful and engaging tool at our disposal, but we have to get the mixture right with our questions…

Click Like If Your Right1. We All Want To Correct…
Creating questions that have elements of agreement and controversy. However these kind of questions need to be monitored and kept in the positive focus with a friendly feel about them. Obviously the last thing you want is to create a question that turn into a negative response, you have to be able to step in and defuse any situation, building a community within your page has to have a strong aspect of honor and respect.

Everybody has their own opinions of what is right, which means we all want to be right, be careful of the question you post, perhaps ensure that there is actually no right answer or response.

We all have different opinions and naturally believe we are in the right, but when it comes to building a community, always be mindful of creating a posts and statuses that respect the diverse opinions of your fans.

Skilled Social Media managers understand Facebook is for showing off.
Constantly build and feed that desire and you will build better support for you and your business.

2. Questions That Lead Your Fans Are Safe

Questions that lead are perfectly safe, simply because they bring together the desire to be heard and to respond. The chatter created may not be fantastically stimulating or pro-active, but it is keeping the feed safe and will encourage responses through the Click to Action methods of Likes and comments.
One way of influencing your community is to ask them questions that are deliberately designed to make them think in a certain way. Leading questions either include the answer, point the listener in the right direction or include some form of carrot or stick to send them to the ‘right’ answer.

  • Coke has a better taste than Pepsi. Don’t you believe so?
  • Do you dislike “dorm food” like most students?
  • By providing a simple positive style question, will encourage your community to respond, comment and like in a positive manner, it can all come down to the wording of the question.

    Loaded Questions3. Questions That Are Loaded Are Dangerous

    We all know the most famous Loaded Question, Does this make me look fat? These questions appear to be simply “fishing” questions but in reality they are in fact loaded, looking for agreement or disparagement. Loaded question in any form of forum or community online can be dangerous, simply because unlike in the real world, you cant defuse the situation and forum members are safe behind their screen to speak their mind, therefore creating a status that can and generally does very quickly spin out of control and leave you having to close the conversation completely.

    In general a loaded question has no structured correct answer and no matter how community/fans respond, somebody is if not most will get it wrong and cause havoc on your question.

    Best advice, JUST DONT DO IT – 🙂

    4. The most powerful questions have no correct answer

    The most powerful questions are perhaps the most simple ones, the one’s that just do not have a wrong or right answer. In fact we have just just this minute posted that exact style of question.

    How often should we change our Cover/Profile picture?
    No matter what answers or responses this creates, the answer will never be wrong or right, it is simply a personal choice. The hidden advantage to this question is not only is there no correct answer, but it could also lead to a community debate on the subject. Therefore pushing your status/page higher.
    These questions generally receive a better response from Fans and communities when they are connected to some form of a graphic, story or event.

    4. The Final Word

    Regardless what kind of question is used, the intention is always the same from the person posting it. We/they want interaction, comments, likes, anything that will push for a personal opinion and therefore creates a stream of comments. However that stream of comments needs to be monitored, we all love to be the one “To have the final word”, perhaps an ego boost really. You should always try to be aware of the status comments and direction, never be concerned about stepping up to the plate and defusing a situation. Productive methods of defusing can be “ignoring the daft up-manship” or perhaps “redirection” of the conversation where possible.

    Avoiding these kinds of questions, can make your life so much easier, allowing you to simply breathe waiting for the next comment, generally a positive status will live far longer than anything negative.

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