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The Facebook Killer, You or Edgerank

Remove From News FeedThe Facebook Killer, You or Edgerank

Over the last few weeks or perhaps even months now, we have all been hearing how the Facebook Edgerank is costing us potential customers or viewers within our Fan Pages. We all know that we want all our Fans & friends to see our posts and promotions/offers. Honestly, how many times over the recent weeks have we seen this:

I should be able to reach 100% of my Fans!

It has been on almost ever News Feed we view at some point or another, the concept, the idea is causing a serious uproar within our communities.
Once again, lets be honest with ourselves here…

How many of your Fans actually see or respond to your post???
1. If you are lucky and timing is on your side, perhaps half of your Fans may even know the post exists
2. Those who were not online at the time of posting wont check their News Feed history
3. Are all of your Fans “Real Fans” or perhaps even “Dead Accounts”, we all know the buy Fans scams

Whilst all of the above can generally be banded together to cause the same result, a lower number of views. In fact it is basically impossible to reach ALL of your Fans on any set day. Without mentioning the impact that the following Fans are having on your Page/Posts.

Facebook KillerHowever, did you know that there is in fact an even bigger Reach Killer???

We all know that over time we loose Fans, simply because they get bored, so hopefully these people will just unlike our Pages. Perhaps neither a good or a bad thing as once you see this happen within your Insights, you know its time to review your content & methods. Therefore helping you to maximize your efforts.

This little know “Reach Killer” is what used to be know as “Hide All” now known as unchecking the “Show in News Feed” option. A very quick and effective way to remove “YOUR” content from their feeds and the feeds of their friends.

Negative CommentsPerhaps on the surface this may not appear to be a major issue, but once we start to look at the impact this actually has on your “Reach Potential“, we find that they actually cause a fair amount of problems. Perhaps most importantly of all, as mentioned above, you will never reach them or their friends again. They will now even forget that they even have a “Like” connection to your Fan Page, they will no longer, share, like or even comment on your posts. EVER AGAIN

Ye, and, we hear you say, “it is only one Hide All”, but this is where your problems are really going to start. What if in fact 8% of your Fans have done this over a period of time, (and you were unaware of this). Because now your Page Like count is now padded, no matter how you slice this padding, it is going to be a negative impact for you, especially when you bring Insight into the equation. Quick example is, you have 8000 Fans, 8% of these Fans have used the “Reach Killer“. That is actually 640 Fans that will not respond or help Edgerank your post, not including the friends of theirs that may have upgraded you as well. When Edgerank carries out its various calculation, that 640 none existent Fans is going to have a negative impact on those calculations.

How to Check Your Hide All Count
As always with Edgerank, the important information that we actually need is buried somewhere within the depths of beyond. However, it is there and we can in fact actually learn a great deal from this information. There is a little effort on your part required or at least the part of somebody who knows how to use Spreadsheets.
Go to your Fan Page Admin Panel > Insights > Export Data. Just check that Page Level Data is selected, set your date parameters and format type and click Download.
Once the download has completed, open the document and do a search throughout the workbook for “hide_all” (type it as it is shown), Normally the first result shown will be for the “Daily Negative Feedback” tab and Column C or D is the one you should be focused on.

Go to the cell below the last item in Column C and perhaps even column D, enter the following formula: (change the letter to suit the relevant column number).

This will simply tell you how many people have used the “Reach Killer” and hidden your content from their feeds.
Insights SpreadSheet

Obviously this is only a set of statistics and how seriously you take these figures is your choice, but you have to now be considering the following point: —- How Much Dead Weight Do You Have? —–

Will some of these people have also unliked your Page? I guess so. But that would presumably be extremely rare.

So what’s your Hide All percentage? Don’t be bashful. And don’t just post to brag. Someone’s gotta have a higher percentage than me! Share below!

16 thoughts on “The Facebook Killer, You or Edgerank”

  1. Very interesting stuff. I don’t know if I’m going to do the spreadsheet to find out who’s dead weight but, hopefully there’s a quick and simple way to have stuff be seen more without paying for it! Lol!

  2. A lot of great information! I’ve got my insights downloaded, open and will be take a close look this afternoon! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the positive comments guys, nice to know the efforts are appreciated. Will try to keep the information flowing and being shared – knowledge is the truth behind power – Hope you are all keeping safe.

  4. Wow what a crazy amount of information. You sidetracked me for almost 30 min. I have the spreadsheet up to pour over later. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for helping to open my eyes to what is going on behind the scenes on fb! I’m almost afraid to check it out! I will bite the bullet though, I want to know and we can’t grow or improve if we are in the dark, I’ll be trying it out later and get back to you with the results!

  6. Thank you for this information. I probably won’t look at the report right now but it does let me know the importance of getting quality fans. So much to think about with this social media stuff.

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