Top Ten Office Twitter Tips

Top Ten Office Twitter Tips

Top Ten Office Twitter Tips Top Ten Office Twitter Tips

Following the outburst of twitter quotes within seconds of the latest elections within the United States, we have decided to put together this very quick and simple list of Top Ten Twitter Tips from our loving office staff. Tips from ten people in the office, all picked at random, just to give us an insight into their favorite tricks for attracting attention on Twitter. After all, isn’t that what we all want from the social media platform, ATTENTION.

Twitter Bullet PointCustomize

  • Personalize your profile picture and cover picture, either with pictures or imagery of you/your business. Enable your followers to make an instant connection between your tweeter and the products/services/hobbies you will be tweeting about.
  • Make sure you use as much of the space or characters (currently around 160), that Twitter allowing within Biography section. Paying special attention to the keywords that your potential followers may use in order to locate you.
  • Where possible, create your own background image, Twitter stipulates that the image file should be under 800k, so you are going to need to keep it fairly simple. Certainly try not to use it order to make sales, perfects your own design with simply just other methods of contact displayed within it. Again, where possible create that visual connection between the twitter account and you/your product or service. We as humans read pictures/logo’s far quicker than text.

  • Twitter Bullet PointThird-party tools
    If you do a quick online search for Twitter apps, you will find thousands of them, never be afraid to take advantage of them, as there is normally some form of logic and reasoning behind them. All of them have the same objective in mind, to be used as tools or to simply enhance the user experiences of the platform.

    Below are a few of our favorites.

  • TwitPic – Take advantage of TwitPic to post pictures on your tweets. If you want to post pictures while away from the computer, use the Twitterific app.
  • Qwitter – Great service that sends an e-mail any time someone unsubscribes from your Twitter profile and mentions a possible Twitter post you made that may have caused them to leave.
  • Manageflitter – Fantastic site for managing your followers and getting an easy to read overview of people not following you back, quiet users, and inactive users.
  • WeFollow – Great website that allows you to add yourself to a listing of Twitter users by tags you find interesting.
  • SocialOomph – Another great service with a collection of free Twitter tools including the ability to schedule when a tweets gets posted.
  • Twitter Grader – Great service that grades any Twitter account and gives you additional details and ranking information.
  • Twitterfeed Feeding your Twitter network on auto pilot.
  • Twitter Fan Wiki Apps – Finally, this wiki has a listing of several hundred different Twitter applications and tools for users wanting more.

  • Twitter Bullet PointUse Twitter search
    A highly under used system of searching is the Twitter search tool. Detailed below we have briefly outlined the methods used to get the best results from the Twitter search.

  • How many people can honestly say they have never Googled themselves, so why not Twitter yourself and see what results you find. If you can Twitter yourself, why not go one step further and Twitter search website or blog URL and find out it others are mentioning your page.
  • Just like any other search engine, you can Twitter search for anything. Why not search for activities local to you, perhaps anything in your district. If you search “your city, town” with an activity word afterwards, perhaps “cinema”. Twitter search will return results showing all current tweets concerning cinema” that have happened in “your city, your town”, with the keyword club in them.
  • Find people or subjects that you may enjoy following by searching for keywords that interested you.
  • If you do not want tweets with links add ? -filter:links at the end of your search query.
  • Need more options, use the Advanced Twitter search. Somewhat of a hidden function, click here.
  • Any time you get excellent results click the “Save this search” button to save that search. These searches can then be found under “Saved Searches” on the right-hand part of your profile on the old Twitter interface or under the “Searches” tab next to your timeline on the new Twitter interface.

  • Twitter Bullet PointFollowers
    Twitter is no different to any other Social Media platform, everything should be done in moderation, to many twitter and people will get board and hit the “unfollow button”, lack of interaction and your followers will simply forget that you exist. You need to find the best balance for you and your followers.

  • Engage followers. Where you find Twitters sparking conversations that are interesting to you, join the conversation and interact.
  • Following to many people is not the aim of Twitter, in fact the aim is you to be followed, demonstrating to your potential followers that your Tweets contain interesting & knowledgeable information. Generally tweeter’s are not going to follow someone who is following thousands of people but only has 10 followers.
  • Retweet interesting posts. If you find a post interesting, why not share it out to those that are following you, they are following you for a reason. They have similar interest to you and may therefore Retweet your Tweet.
  • Retweet and participate in conversations with people with a lot of followers. A great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, join in the conversations of those who have the larger followers and make yourself seen.
  • Realize it is impossible for anyone to read every tweet. Twitter is known for being one of the fastest moving Social Media platforms, the conversations move fast and constantly. Your Tweets will be missed and not acted upon simply because it is impossible to see every one of them. Therefore you have to make your tweets stand out in the crowd as much as possible.
  • When first joining do not follow hundreds of people, doing this may mark you as a bot. As you start to find your feet on Twitter, simply take your time building your lists, followers etc. By rushing in you will not only be seen as a bot, but you will be overwhelmed by the traffic you are creating. So if you find it overwhelming, what will your potential followers think.

  • Twitter Bullet PointCreate useful and interesting tweets
    Just like all of the Social Media platforms, Tweeter’s can and will loose interest in you very quickly if you are not giving them information, Tweets that are suitable to them.

  • Try making all your tweets informative, useful, or funny and obviously suitable to your followers.
  • Do not post mundane posts, e.g. taking children to school.
  • Add hastags to your tweets. For example, if your tweet is about marketing, consider adding #marketing in the relevant tweet.
  • Tweet frequently. No one is going to follow someone they do not know who has not tweeted in months. Try at the very least to tweet a few times a week or daily if you can manage. If like us, you know your might not have time over the next few days/weeks why not use a service like Twitterfeed. A free service that you enable or disable to suit your needs.
  • Do not moan or groan. Tweeter’s are going to leave your network very quickly if all they hear is you having a constant moan via your tweets.
  • Try making your valuable tweets during the times people will most likely see them. if you are monitoring your Tweeters correctly, you will be able to Tweet at a time that gives your Tweets the maximum exposure.
  • Keep some space available in your tweet in case someone retweets your post.
  • Use special characters in your tweets.

  • Twitter Bullet PointKnow the lingo
    Know the Twitter lingo, these are just a few examples: @reply, Direct Message (DM), Follower, Hashtag, Retweet (RT), Trending Topics, and Tweet. See the Twitter description for a full listing of Twitter terms and Lingo and related terms.

    Twitter Bullet PointFollow the masters
    Following a few of the masters of Twitter and Social Networking will give you an understanding of how to tweet better, posts to RT, and inspiration for tweets of your own. Below are the top ten Twitters we recommend following.

  • @ModernMarketin1
  • @mashsocialmedia
  • @HubSpot
  • @MarketingWeekEd
  • @aaronwall
  • @mattcutts
  • @dragonjones
  • @Lord_Sugar
  • @facebook
  • @Pinterest
  • Twitaholic – A full listing of the top users on Twitter based on Followers. This is a terrific service to find and follow the top users and possibly incorporate some of the ideas they are doing on their account.

  • Tip: Many of the first few hundred people are celebrities on Twitaholic, if they do not interest you skip the first page.

  • Twitter Bullet PointCreate and use lists
    Having methods of organizing yourself is no different online than it is in the office. Therefore Twitter lists are an excellent system of filtering through the people you follow. allowing to basically like their tweets through a filing system of your own. You may perhaps have a list for Hobbies, or Work or perhaps even further broken down into Sport and then Clubs. Each list will contain the people you have connected up with and placed within the list. To create a list, click the Lists link and then Create a list. After creating a list visit the persons profile page you wish to add and click the list icon, as shown in the picture to the right. Our Social Media masters and The British Masters list’s are example’s of public lists that we created.

    Twitter Bullet PointGo Mobile
    Apple iPhones, Blackberry phones, Android phones, Windows phone 7 phones, and most of the other smart phones have Twitter applications. Take full advantage of these applications. For users who do not have smart phones Twitter also has extensive support for SMS, which can send tweets over a text message.

    Twitter Bullet PointAdvertise
    Just like anything else, if you don’t promote your various networks, nobody will know about you. Mention your Twitter page as many places as you can, e.g. your business card, e-mail signatures, web page, blog, Facebook, etc.

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