Twitter Jargon

Generally known to as a mention, @reply is the function used on the Twitter platform to reply to another user(s) or send a direct message to a particular user. For example, @rottyranch would send a message to the RottyRanch user. In order to view messages that are directed to you, you need to click on your replies tab within your Twitter profile.

DM is the commonly used abbreviation for direct message, DM is any message sent directly to a specific user. For example, on Twitter a direct message could be sent to Rotty Ranch using the @rottyranch in the message.

A term generally used to describe a person who is following another person on the many of the social networking site’s like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. All Twitter profile page’s have “Following xxx”, where xxx displays the number of people that user is following and the “Followers xxx”, where xxx is the number of people that are following that user.

When following someone on Twitter each post that person makes will be posted on your Timeline. Users who are more familiar with Facebook can think of a follower as a Friend. However, when following someone on Twitter it will not require them to accept, unless their Twitter page is private.

Finally, if you want to stop following someone, you would unfollow that person.

A system used by Twitter and many other Social Network platforms to give a post or tweet a simple keyword. An example might be, someone could use the #ModernMarketin1 hashtag to let others know it relates to Marketing and therefore have it easily found and sorted. All hash tags begin with a hash character, which is the symbol (#) which on UK keyboard is found above the right shift key, and above the 3 on U.S. keyboards.

Frequently referred to as RT, retweet is a generic term used on Twitter that describes the methods used of mentioning another users tweet. For example, if you read a tweet you enjoyed or think your followers may enjoy you can simply hover over the tweet and click the Retweet link, therefore creating your own tweet. When retweeting a tweet it will begin with RT @ModernMarketin1, where @modernMarketin1 would be the name of the user you retweeted.

In order to use the Retweet system within Twitter, hover over any tweet that you want to Retweet and then click the Retweet link, normally below it. Whilst it is normally nice to add a comment of your own, you need to keep in mind that the 140-character limitation still applies to retweets, so you may need to reword or shuffle the Retweet around a little.

Trending Topics
Trending Topics are simply high ranking keywords or hashtags that are being used and discussed on Twitter at any given time or moment. By simply tapping into these trends you will find a powerful and easy way to see what the hot topics around the world or in your area are and who is talking about them.

A great page to get an overview of current and past Trending Topics on global or local scale via a live mapping feed can be found on Twitter Trends Map.

Quite simply put a Tweet is term used to describe the single post from any registered user of the Twitter Social Media platform.

What Is Twitter
A social networking site created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone that allows anyone to post a short 140-character message about anything over the Internet, application, or on their phone. Often Twitterers or Tweeters (users posting on Twitter) will post about what they are doing, interesting links or pictures they come across, major events, and replies to other users on Twitter. Twitter can be thought of as the pulse of the Internet and a quick and easy method of finding out about what is happening across the world. Using the search on Twitter a user can search for the latest news, what the businesses and people they are following are doing, topics they are interested in, local city or state tweets, and local events.

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